Coronavirus, Fontana replaces the Lombardy Health Director who decided to leave the hospital of Alzano Lombardo open


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I absolutely claim the correctness of the work which was carried out by the general management, in an epidemiological context that is not comparable to that of other realities. I do not pronounce on polemics and voices and it is not for me to pronounce ”. It was last May 27th and Luigi Cajazzo, the director general of the Lombard Healthcare, answered thus during l‘Hearing in the regional commission to the question of the regional councilor of the Pd Samuele Astuti on the press articles according to which the leaders of the same direction would be questioned and indicated as responsible for what happened in Lombardy, the region most affected by dead and infected in Italy and with few terms of comparison with other areas of the world. “I am the general manager, I don’t do political activity. I have not read what you report, I take note of it. As far as we are concerned, we have done it a technical job that I defend and of which I am absolutely proud, with a team of people who have dedicated themselves body and soul to this emergency, in some cases risking it in person “. Well since yesterday Cajazzo is no longer dg as reported by Corriere della Sera.

The dg “promoted” by Governor Fontana – The manager, who seemed untouchable, until a few weeks ago, was replaced by the president of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, who after defending him also with a sword treats lto manage the epidemic which sees the region still in these days at the top of the statistics, has partially started doing mea culpa. Moreover, even the governor has his troubles with the business of overalls. At the head of the sector, Marco Trivelli, 56 years old, historical manager of Lombard health will arrive. The former policeman of the Lecco Mobile, who had been sitting in the general manager’s chair since May 2018, is destined for another assignment. However, Cajazzo will become deputy general secretary of the Region with responsibility for social and health integration. It might seem like a typical action promoveatur ut amoveatur, but from circles close to the CEO there is talk of “satisfaction with the delicate and authoritative task that was offered to him, a sign of recognition for what has been done so far, with professionalism and a spirit of commendable self-sacrifice”.

In recent weeks Cajazzo had been heard by Bergamo prosecutors and had recorded, among other things, that the decision to reopen the facility’s emergency room on February 23, after ascertaining the first two Coronavirus cases, had been “taken in agreement with the general direction of the Asst of Bergamo Est“, As it was assured that it was” all right “: the premises sanitized and prepared” separate Covid and no Covid routes “. However, a version that was denied by a Tg1 journalistic investigation which airs a report on April 10 in which a doctor present at the February 23 meeting says that he was the one to decide: “The director’s call arrived on February 23 General of the Welfare Department Cajazzo, who said: it cannot be done, because there is at least one Covid patient in every province, we cannot close Alzano today, in two hours Cremona…Then reopen everything“.

The testimony of the primary: “The call of the dg has arrived” – On the management of the hospital in They raise Lombardo after the discovery of the first cases of contagion and the failure to establish the red area of ​​Bergamasca, the prosecutor of the Orobic city has opened an investigation against unknown persons, assuming the culpable epidemic. “On February 23, I was at a meeting with all primary and department heads of Alzano. The emergency room was closed and had to decide what to do. Codogno had been there two days earlier. We all expressed our opinion: the hospital had to be closed. We were discussing how to do it, ”is the doctor’s story on Tg1. “At some point – he continues – the call of the director of the Welfare Department of Cajazzo arrives, and says: it cannot be done because there is at least one Covid patient in every province, we cannot close Alzano today, in two hours Cremona. So reopen everything“. The order would therefore come from the heart of the Lombardy Region. “We – continues the witness – did not know what Alzano would have been Italian epicenter, we only knew of Codogno and therefore we believed it should be done as in Codogno “. That is, close and seal everything. But this did not happen. What did the doctors think after the order to reopen the emergency room arrived from Milan? “We are dead. We thought: if we technicians have to depend on them, we are dead“.

The editor’s letter: “We need urgent action” – After three days half of the people present at that meeting got sick. Twenty-four hours earlier, however, the director of the hospital in Alzano, Giuseppe Marzulli, he writes to the general management. An official letter, published by ICTY, in which the manager explains that “at the emergency room three patients are stationed without being welcomed either by the Seriate hospital or by other corporate structures. It is evident that in these conditions the Alzano Lombardo Emergency Department cannot remain open “. At first, the hospital was asked to wait for the outcome of the swab on the 3 patients. “This indication” – continues the director – “is absurd (and I use an understatement) as, as you know, the reporting times are on average around 48 hours and this means having these patients stay at the Alzano Lombardo Emergency Department for 48 hours, which is contrary to any protocol and also to common sense “. Once the absurdity of the provision was raised, Alzano was told that the problem had become “the lack of availability of beds”. “I consider an indispensable urgent intervention“, Closes his letter Marzulli. It was already too late, however: in Alzano, Nembro, all over Bergamo, the virus had started to massacre. In Bergamo on February 26 there were “only” 20 cases which however became 72 the next day, almost four times more. It passes to 103 on February 28, on March 1 doubles to 209, then 243 and in a few days the outbreak expands unstoppable. So unstoppable that in order to cremate the deceased the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, had to ask for help from other cities and regions.

Several investigations in Lombardy – The Bergamo investigation is one of the investigations opened by Lombardy prosecutors on the evolution of the infection from coronavirus. The attorney general of Brescia, Guido Rispoli, in which district of the Court of Appeal several Lombardy prosecutors fall, he explained in recent weeks that the files are “Heterogeneous” – that is, there are also those against unknown, those relating to facts not constituting news of crime and those concerning exposed anonymously – and this depends on the “formulation of the” news “received by the prosecutors. In some issues, however, there are already investigated. This would not be the case with investigations opened in the Brescia public prosecutor’s office, but in others in the district which includes the public prosecutors’ offices Cremona, Bergamo is Mantova. In the numerous complaints submitted to the prosecutors of the Court of Appeal district, “representatives of the Government and of Region”, Rispoli added. Regional administrators are mentioned in reference to the resolutions of theMarch 8 with which he asked at rsa to establish gods Covid-19 departments and the failure to establish the ‘Red zone’ in the municipalities of They raise Lombardo and of Nembro. The magistrate took stock of the investigations and theirs complexity stressing that other complaints concern “Management bodies” hospitals and RSA and “healthcare and nursing staff at various levels”. In any case, Rispoli recalled that the registration in the register of suspects “does not in any way imply one liability assessment of the registered person “who” takes place only at the end of the investigation “. And today in Bergamo the family members of the people who died in the rsa have submitted the first 50 complaints to the Bergamo prosecutor.

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