Coronavirus: Florida and Texas new epicenters in the USA – World


Florida and Texas are now the new epicenters of the pandemic in the United States. In both states in the last 24 hours the record of new daily cases has been recorded since the coronavirus spread: 3,516 in Texas, where the infections are now close to 100 thousand, and 3,207 in Florida, with a total of almost 86 thousand contagions. Critical situation also in Arizona and Lousiana. Meanwhile, California has launched an obligation to wear masks in most public places.

Beijing: outbreak brought under control – The Covid-19 outbreak that emerged in Beijing “has been brought under control”: Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc), explained in a press conference that a high number of infections were found between sellers of seafood, beef and mutton. The peak was touched around June 13 and now the infection “is under control”. This is not to say that there will be no new cases tomorrow. The curve will continue for another time, but “the number of cases will be lower and lower”.

Wu noted that there will be new cases in the coming days: according to the explanation provided, however, they would not be “newly transmitted, but only the result of the discovery that emerged in the process of the tests” carried out on the carpet. The heart of the infection was traced in the wholesale market of Xinfadi, southwest of the capital, which spread due to the numerous people who frequent it, often difficult to quantify. The 21 new cases detected yesterday, bringing the total to 158 in a week, are the result of an infection contracted before June 12, Wu said.

The Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing “did not take us by surprise, but it was a surprise because it happened once again in a market. The authorities found the epidemic very quickly and closed the source very quickly and cut off its contacts, “said Wu Zunyou. “If Beijing had not immediately taken the steps taken, what happened in Wuhan could have happened again,” added Wu in the daily press conference.


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