Coronavirus, Fauci: “Usa risk 100 thousand cases a day”. Trump furious with the EU


WASHINGTON – Coronavirus cases could grow to 100,000 a day in the United States if Americans did not start following public health recommendations. The virologist said so Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, in a Senate hearing on the reopening of schools and workplaces.To those who asked him to predict the outcome of recent waves in some states, Fauci replied that he cannot make an accurate prediction, but that he believes it will be “very disturbing”. “Now – Fauci said – we have over 40 thousand new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we reached 100 thousand a day if this does not change and therefore I am very worried”.
Fauci said areas where recent outbreaks have occurred put the nation at risk, including areas that have made progress in reducing Covid-19 cases. He cited recent video footage of people socializing without distances, often without masks, and ignoring safety guidelines.


Coronavirus: Europe reopens to 15 nations, but Italy does not. Quarantine for those arriving from non-EU countries

An alarm that does not help on the day when the United States has been excluded from the list of countries whose travelers will be able to enter Europe again. A slap that burns for Donald Trump who thinks that Europe wanted to avenge itself for the decision with which the White House last March closed the borders to European travelers. And think about responding with a retaliation. Or replicating with the same coin, extending sine die the closure of the US borders to those arriving from the Old Continent, or triggering a war of duties again with incalculable repercussions in a period of unprecedented crisis.The hawks push him on this path, but other advisers to the presidential staff preach caution. Because more than ever the risk is that of a definitive isolation of the American president and the United States. “Lone Warrior,” Trump tweeted right in the minutes when the breaking news from Brussels.

Marking a big difference with rival Trump, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential election in November, Joe Biden, however, has announced that it will not hold rallies due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “This is the most unusual campaign in modern history,” said former Barack Obama number two, stressing that it will follow “doctors’ orders, not just for me but for the country, and this means I won’t be holding rallies.”

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