Coronavirus, doubts about the vaccine: on who might not work


    <h2>New concerns emerge about the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine</h2>


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    <p>The challenge for the <strong>coronavirus vaccine</strong> it is still open, and several candidates are being tested. In particular, the vaccine produced at the University of Oxford in collaboration with the Irbm company in Pomezia seems to be among the closest to the finish. But there are also those who raise doubts and fears about its effectiveness: <strong>Peter Openshaw</strong> of Imperial College, in fact, expressed some perplexities speaking in the House of Lords.

Could the coronavirus vaccine not work on the elderly?

For Openshaw, as reported by the Guardian, the vaccine may be ineffective precisely for the category most at risk, namely the elderly. The solution could therefore be to favor the vaccination for grandchildren and relatives who come into contact with them.

In fact, the expert stressed that to protect a vulnerable person, one strategy is to prevent other people from contracting the virus. Arne Akbar, UCL professor of immunology and president of the British Society of Immunology, believes that scientists need to understand what happens to the immune system of man as he ages.

The expert: “None of the vaccines will be perfect”

Also Sarah Gilbert, A professor of Vaccinology at the University of Oxford, spoke to the House of Lords to take stock of the situation. According to the expert, none of the numerous vaccines being developed and tested will be perfect, but a vaccine can be useful even if it does not work 100%.

In the meantime, almost half of a sample of 1000 Italians said they did not want to undergo the vaccine.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 24-06-2020 21:47

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