Coronavirus, discovered the blood group that protects the most


The blood group 0 is the one who runs the least risk of contracting the Coronavirus. The results come from a study by the 23andMe company, which deals with genetic tests and which involved more than 750 thousand participants. People with type 0 blood are between 9% and 18% less likely to test positive COVID-19 compared to other blood groups. Preliminary data from the ongoing genetic study seem to provide further evidence of the importance of a person’s blood group – determined by the ABO gene – in differences in susceptibility to the virusThe company wrote in a blog post about the Discoveries. However, as stated by the head of the research team Adam Auton, there is still a long way to go. Those with blood group Ainstead, they would be those most at risk according to what was collected from a previous study conducted at Wuhan who had examined the blood groups of over 2000 infected patients by comparing them with those of healthy patients in the same area: patients with group A had a higher infection rate than the others.

Coronavirus, bio masks without plastic: that’s where


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