CORONAVIRUS. Diary of an editor in PHASE 2 (Day 29)


The President of the United States of America, with a Tweet, wiped out 75 years of history!

Donald Trump, grappling with the bad moods of his nation due to the assassination of African American George Floyd and spontaneous demonstrations in all cities, has well thought of shifting world public attention again.


In the first instance, that is when the whole world witnessed Facebook’s brutal murder by Minneapolis policemen live, the Tycoon deemed it appropriate to deal with free speech on social networks. A pale attempt to conceal a hideous fact.

In the following hours, in the capital of Minnesota, people are on the streets to protest. The police district is set on fire and many other cities join Minneapolis in protest against the fury of the institutions against African Americans. Trump then decided to deal with Hong Kong by decreeing an end to independence. Reckless move given that he further antagonized Xi Jinpin’s government and, unwittingly, led to the resignation of the Umbrella movement in their protest.

It also happens that the demonstrations are rampant throughout the United States. Even in Alaska and Hawaii people are on the street. A 19-year-old boy dies in Detroit. Clashes with the police followed each other from Houston to Boston, from Portland to San Francisco. Tear gas is fired on the crowd. The situation is objectively out of control. New York protesters all gather under Trump Tower. In Philadelphia the population rebels profusely against the police.

I would have preferred to report that Donald Trump after this day had decided to publish the recipe for the orange tart or the famous stuffed turkey.

Instead it has trampled millions of people and the gratitude of allied countries with just one Tweet.

Trump has included the Anti-fascist movement among terrorist organizations.

You got it right: Antifascists are public enemies of the United States of America!

Over the years the international collective ANTIFAscista has been a beacon for democracies. They certainly did not use half measures against far-right propaganda: but who of you would hope for the resurrection of right-wing regimes?

This media move has finally brought down the mask of this dictator who is leading the world’s greatest power.

Trump is probably not aware that if the United States has become the United States, it owes it precisely to the anti-fascist movement that 75 years ago allowed the disintegration of the European fascist regimes.

I am the grandson of a beautiful generation of Abruzzesi. I grew up among the tales and events of the Majella Brigade. Young partisans who greatly helped the Anglo-Americans broke the Gustav line. The forerunners of the democratic reconquest of our nation.

Without the cabbage anti-fascism that the allies could have won the Second World War!

Putting Antifascism Trump and his Staff on the index have made the huge syllogistic mistake: only a fascist can consider anti-fascists terrorists!

To tell the truth, Trump has always supported this position, but never, obviously, for political advantage with NATO countries.

Steve Bennon, personal advisor to the tycoon and founder of The Movement, an ultra-catholic xenophobic far-right organization based in Brussels, of which Lega and FdI are part, has always considered the Antifascist movement a danger for conservative propaganda. Over the years he has knowingly made sure that Donald Trump, during his election campaign, made sure to frame the ANTIFA movement as a very precise organization like ISIS or Al qaeda, flying over the transversality and intersectionality that this movement in recent years it has had. Even on Wikipedia the definition of the Antifascist Movement, the collective, appears very biased and reported several times as controversial.

Antifascists are everywhere in the world, and I am convinced that they would defend freedom just as our partisans did 75 years ago.

Trump evidently did the math without the host.

Yesterday the G7 was due to take place. Frau Merkel he pitted without warning.

No respectable European country can remain indifferent to the listing of the Anti-Fascist Movement in the USA. Any nation of NATO would go against Constitutional values ​​and would not respect the memory and death of millions of people who fell under the rule of Fascism and Nazism.

At this moment, the danger of a totalitarian drift arriving from the other side of the Atlantic is concrete.

Fascism has always crept in should economic fragility run rampant.

With Coronavirus we have learned to understand that we will all be poorer. Nobody will have swollen pockets. Let’s make sure not to compensate for this shortcoming with the ideological glamor and muscle test that President Trump is subjecting the whole world to.

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