Coronavirus, De Luca: “Mondragone? There has been a problem for 10 years and everyone is pretending nothing. We will solve it, we will be the guard dogs”


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In Mondragone we have a ten-year-old reality that no one seems to have seen anything about, yet it should have been about, and about, in the first place the Ministry of the Interior, the Prefecture, the Police Headquarters, the Municipality, the police. For 10 years he pretended not to see that there was this problem. ” Thus, in its usual live streaming on Facebook, the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, he begins, explaining the details on the mini red area of ​​the former Cirio buildings in Mondragone (Caserta), where currently, out of 743 people subjected to the tampon, have been registered 43 cases of covid positivity.

“The images that we have seen in Mondragone – he explains – make everyone understand what I have said for months, and that is to deal with the covid epidemic in Campania was a terrible challenge. Campania is not only this, but it is also this. Campania is also what we saw in Mondragone in terms of urban decay, social tensions, illegality. It is a terrible challenge, but we are facing the problems with great determination and concreteness. Today Campania, net of this outbreak, is a zero-contagion region. So we are going to look for the infected territory by territory, social area by social area, doing mass swabs“.

And he adds, with a new hit in Matteo Salvini: “Today we have been intervening in a situation that has been gangrenous for 10 years compared to which a little everyone turned their heads away. In the buildings in question there are apartments rented in black by Italian owners. So there is someone who lives and speculates about these problems. When we made the tampons, we found dozens and dozens of people massed in the apartments. Still, nobody saw anything. Do these workers have regular employment contracts? Do they seasonally work legally? – he continues – Nobody saw anything. Two years ago with the minister Minniti we have made a security pact, addressed in truth to the area of Volturno Castle, we invested 20 million euros to help the territory, to deal with immigration problems. Otherwise nothing has been done. This is the reality we have been there for 10 years and the first who should have intervened did nothing, even if some of those who did nothing today even open their mouths“.

De Luca explains the genesis of the outbreak in the Mondragone buildings. And he points out, motivating his numerous phone calls to the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese: “I remember that the Region does the ordinances but it is the forces of order, which are the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior, to have to enforce the ordinances. In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday this service was not done. And therefore 19 people of Bulgarian and Roma ethnicity fled the quarantine. The minister sent army units and other law enforcement agencies, but in my opinion they are insufficient, because this quarantine must last 15 days, like it or not. And we need night checks. ”

Then he accuses: “There have been moments of tension, but false news is spreading. Some say that food supplies have been differentiated between Bulgarian and Italian citizens. Absolutely false news. We have the same humanitarian treatment towards all those who live in the buildings, we relate to human beings, not to nationalities or flags. They also spread another idiocy, namely that blood was drawn to do I don’t know what. Crazy things. Every now and then I hear numbers that travel in an absolutely uncontrolled way. “
Finally, De Luca invites the citizens of Mondragone to rest assured: “Whoever is agitating damages Mondragone. We try to maintain great coldness and great tranquility. Trust us. We ask you to help us. Isolate those who think they will make political speculation and looting under these conditions. But then to do what? And towards whom? In the coming months we will demonstrate our efficiency with the timeliness of intervention in the event of outbreaks and with the ability to do guard dogs. We are fully at work and have no time to waste following demagogies, looting, fake news, fake polls. In these two months you will see everything. We do not have time to waste and we will not have. Let’s stay focused on things to do. ”

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