Coronavirus, crowd on the beach without distance (and without masks)


There are those who do not wear it on the street in Lombardy, where it is still mandatory. Let alone on the beach, under the sun, with the belief (not supported by the scientific community) that the heat kills the virus. Certainly, bathers huddled like sardines in Lido di Camaiore, towards Pietrasanta, had no masks. It is difficult to think that they were all relatives and therefore they were respecting the anti-Covid indications of the Higher Institute of Health published on June 4. In Viareggio even worse: small groups of peers under an umbrella, certainly not twins, even less than a meter away. In Jesolo a carpet of wide open umbrellas.

The masks if there is no distance

We could not have wished for a better company than the Azores anticyclone, for this entry into the astronomical summer. But no one seems to remember the two months of lockdown, the following weeks only with stable affections, the half-empty offices where those who can still work in smart working. So why worry if the indication of the use of masks remains valid for everyone, when the spacing measures of at least one meter are difficult to maintain?

The gatherings

We must hope that the people lying on the beds in Capocotta, twelve kilometers from Ostia, have been measured the temperature and that they have booked the time slot to create less gathering. Here, too, the images show us too close swimmers, a girl lying down and another sitting on the same bed, in an absolutely natural posture until last summer. But, now, nothing like before. 34,610 deaths and 238,275 positive (Civil Protection data updated yesterday) should be enough to convince the denialists of Covid-19. And perhaps they were not enough in Mondello and not even in Naples, where after what they combined to celebrate the Italian Cup, going to the beach without a mask or disinfectant gel would have been a form of historical revisionism.

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