Coronavirus, Covid Hospital of Civitanova Marche towards closure: 2 of the 3 patients discharged in less than a week


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Positive patients at SARS-CoV-2 yes. I am negativizzati, via the second transfer in less than a week: the mockery of Covid Hospital of Civitanova, beautiful, expensive and useless. To the point that by the end of this week it could close its doors due to a shortage of raw materials: the patients. So much noise for nothing. Paraphrasing William Shakespeare, the top management of the Marche region thought they were going to pull her longer when, less than a week ago, they transferred the first patient to the Covid Hospital in Civitanova Marche from theCamerino hospital. The eve plans included the translation of at least 7 patients, someone claimed even a dozen.

None of this. Last Wednesday, between the afternoon and the evening, the first two arrived, a sixty year old from Macerata in an intensive care regime and an over eighty year old in a semi-intensive with a complex clinical picture. The third day came the following day, also in semi-intensive from the hospital of Camerino. Less than a week and two of the three patients of the famous Spaceship in the central pavilion of the Civitanova Fair they negated, making their presence useless in something that resembles the classic cathedral in the desert.

From the top of theAsur Marche, of theLarge Area 3 he was born in Gores – the coordination group for the Coronavirus emergency in the Adriatic region – nothing transpires, but according to well-informed sources one of the patients has already been transferred to the new building of infectious diseases of the Macerata hospital and the latter will soon follow. Time one, at most two days and he too will leave the Covid Center to go to the infectious ward of the Macerata capital. The third is still in place, but it is clear that to keep about 40 people, among doctors, nurses and health workers in general, for a single occupied bed it is somewhat absurd. Hence the voice, very insistent, of one temporary closure of the structure perhaps already by the end of this week.

It would be a record ten days of service or thereabouts, better than the similar structure built by the Lombardy Region at the former Fiera di Milano with the (initial) advice of the former head of Civil Protection, Guido Bertolaso, in turn infected covid. There the project foresaw 400 intensive care places, but just 25 were occupied, the facility cost around 21 million euros, but remained in service longer.

The photocopy of Civitanova Marche has been paid 12 million, euro plus euro minus, for 82 beds of intensive care. The ASUR had planned to activate at least a couple of clinical modules inside Covid Hospital, for a total of monthly spending of almost 4 million euros, covered by emergency funds and with a change in the regional budget. It is good to reiterate that the general cost for the set-up was the result of the offers collected by the Knights of Malta, the organizational structure that collaborates with the project manager, Guido Bertolaso, but then the living expenses (wages, utilities, cleaning, disinfestations, transport etc.) are borne by the Region. In the Marche the numbers remain constant towards zero alternating with new infections, but for almost two months there have been no clinical cases of severe interstitial pneumonia and in the last ten days only 8 people have died with Covid. Unless of a sudden upward recovery of the curve of infections, the situation appears to be under control. Meanwhile, pending the complete emptying of the futuristic structure, i military continue to patronize the Covid of Civitanova.

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