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CERVIA. New squeeze on the nightlife in Milano Marittima, where the mayor of Cervia, the Pd Massimo Medri, has established a ban on participating in stag and hen parties. The provision is contained in an ordinance “to protect urban decorum” which sets a series of poles such as the prohibition on going around the city center in a bathing suit or shirtless. In the case of farewell parties to the condition of single, however, the purpose of the limitation is also to limit the gatherings in anti-Covid 19 function, a measure that adds up to those recently taken in the Romagna country, starting with the number closed in the premises area.

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The municipal administration has decided to intervene on bachelor parties because, they explain to the Municipality of Cervia, the custom of celebrating these appointments with small parades of boys, often in swimsuits, who crossed the center between shouts and bangs was consolidated of firecrackers. “Our ordinance recalls the measures we had already taken to limit the danger of spreading the infection – explains Mayor Medri -. To this need is added the protection of urban decor, given that those who participated in these celebrations often did so with attitudes that were not appropriate, such as going around in costumes ยป.

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The junta has decided on new stops that also concern art and street music, as well as the use of firecrackers, whistles, megaphones and trumpets, in addition to the ban on distributing flyers or promotional materials that are not expressly authorized by the municipality. The “itinerant sale of floral products and various objects” is also prohibited. The limitations are in addition to those set by the previous ordinance to avoid gatherings in the street of the premises: controls of the stewards at the gates of the pedestrian zone, a limited number for customers of pubs and refreshment bars, and mandatory masks for anyone approaching the premises of the center that enliven the nights of the Romagna town.

At the access points, the barriers force the patrons to pass under the eyes of the stewards, who ask them to put on the mask and at the same time check that not too many people enter. Inside the pedestrian zone, a municipal police patrol monitors compliance with the rules. Then when customers fill the seats available between the outdoor area and the interior, the accesses are blocked until a few chairs are freed. The limitations also affect the volume of the music.

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