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Rome, 24 May 2020 – New bulletin of the Civil protection with the data (contagions, healed, dead) of the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy. And while the Germany he put in lockdown 640 thousand people after the discovery of the outbreak in North Rhine Westphalia and Latin America the deaths exceeded 100 thousand, in our country the debate opens on the possibility that the viral load of Covid-19 is unpunished. The discussion is triggered by a document signed by ten experts who call themselves “scientifically independent”, including Giuseppe Remuzzi from the Mario Negri Institute and Alberto Zangrillo from S. Raffaele in Milan. The text underlines how “unequivocal clinical evidence indicates a marked reduction in cases with symptoms”, therefore suggesting that the worst has passed. Statements that sparked new controversies with harsh stances, such as that of Massimo Galli, director of the Infectious Diseases department at the Sacco hospital in Milan, and that of Simit, the Italian company for infectious and tropical diseases. Meanwhile theWHO he said that “the share of 10 million cases worldwide will probably be reached within the next week”.

The budget of June 24

239,410 are infected with Coronavirus in Italy. The daily increase is 190 new infections (up from yesterday, when he had been from 122) although five regions show a zero increase (Puglia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata). Zero infections in the autonomous province of Trento, which however communicates a recalculation of 387 more cases. In Lombardy there are 88 new cases, equal to 46.3% of the total. In the last 24 hours also recorded 30 dead, which bring the total to 34,644 because the autonomous province of Trento has recalculated the number, decreasing the total by 61 units.

The total number of currently positive it is 18,655, with a decrease of 918 assisted compared to yesterday. Among the currently positive, 107 I am being treated at intensive care, with a decrease of 8 patients compared to yesterday; on the other hand, 1,610 people hospitalized with symptoms, with a decrease of 243 patients compared to yesterday, and 16,938 people, equal to 91% of the currently positive, are in isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. The overall number of discharged and healed instead rises to 186,111, with an increase of 1,526 people compared to yesterday.

The data from the Regions

In detail by region, there are currently 12,227 positive cases in Lombardy, 1,730 in Piedmont, 1,074 in Emilia-Romagna, 549 in Veneto, 330 in Tuscany, 261 in Liguria, 869 in Lazio, 471 in the Marche, 148 in Campania, 177 in Puglia, 52 in the Autonomous Province of Trento (which precisely performed a recalculation of the data, reporting 61 fewer deaths than previously communicated; 447 recovered more than already communicated and the total cases increased by 387 units compared to previously press release), 57 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 378 in Abruzzo, 132 in Sicily, 90 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 11 in Umbria, 15 in Sardinia, 6 in Valle d’Aosta, 28 in Calabria, 43 in Molise and 7 in Basilicata . Six regions where today there are no new cases: Basilicata, Molisde, Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The numbers province by province


Today in Lombardy they registered 88 new cases Covid, 17 of which following serological testing, with 7 dead. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, the infections have been 93,261, while the deaths have been 16,586. The swabs made were 9,099 (in total 980,820), with today’s ratio compared to the positive of 0.97%. The healed / discharged are 758 (total at 64,448), while the currently positive 12,227 (-677). Inpatients fell sharply: 218 fewer those not in intensive care (692 in total), 3 less in intensive care (48 in total). ICU patients are 48, 3 less than the last survey.

Emilia Romagna

Cases return to rise Emilia Romagna: there are today 44 new positives more than yesterday, including 11 with symptoms. And 9 more deaths. The new cases have emerged thanks to the 6,012 swabs carried out in the last hours, to which are added 1,156 other serological tests, also carried out since yesterday. The new healings I am little more, 50, for a total of 22,985, 81% of those infected since the beginning of the crisis. Active cases continue to decline, albeit only slightly, namely the number of actual patients, which today are 1,074 (-15 compared to yesterday).


In Lazio they register six new positive cases and a death. A downward trend is confirmed in the provinces with zero cases. Of today’s new cases, one concerns a patient discharged from San Raffaele Pisana with a negative swab and currently hospitalized at the Covid Center in Casal Palocco. The outbreak thus reaches a total of 123 cases overall. Second case after two days of a positive from Dhaka (Bangladesh): a man landed in Fiumicino on a flight with a stopover in Doha. In total the current positives are 869. The victims are 833 are the patients, while the recovered are 6337.


Eleven new cases were recorded in Campania on 2,171 swabs processed in the past 24 hours. The total of the positives rises to 4,645 out of 269,477 swabs examined. Even today there are no deaths, with the total number of victims remaining at 431. Four, however, the healed of the day bring the total number to 4,066.

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