Coronavirus bulletin today Emilia Romagna, the live broadcast. The contagions are 18, 4 the victims


Bologna, June 8, 2020 – A week after June 3 that reopened the border between the regions, here is the budget today, illustrated in direct Facebook by the regional councilor for Health, Raffaele Donini:

Today 5 thousand swabs and 3 thousand serological tests have been carried out. The positives are 20, 2 with symptoms and 18 without any signs of the disease and identified through the serological screening campaign or with tests for people who have attended positive hunted in recent days. There are 4 victims in the region. “A fact that does not make us serene yet, we want to go to zero – assures Donini – but it is also true that it is the best figure since March 2nd”.

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The epidemiological rate is stably below 0.1 percent, a very important milestone – explains Donini -. Today, 62 people have recovered: 77 out of 100 patients have recovered since the beginning of the epidemic “At the moment, 12% of the current patients are hospitalized.

The 20 positives are distributed as follows: in Reggio 3 positive, in Modena zoero, Bologna 3 positive cases of which 2 asymptomatic, Ravenna 2 in symptomatic serological screening, in Forlì 1 case in Rimini 1.

The deaths 2 in Parma, 1 in Bologna (a 68-year-old man with other diseases) and 1 in Cesena (an 89-year-old woman).

The beds

In the morning, Donini himself had agreed to commission that no bed cuts are foreseen in regional hospitals. In this restart phase after the covid emergency, “some structures will have to temporarily place them elsewhere”, but these changes to the structure “will only be transitory and the timing must be subject to specific commitments”, assured Donini.

For this reason, “a discussion with local administrators, trade unions and professional associations will be needed in a short time – says the councilor – to build innovative and shared solutions in all the territories of the region”. “We want – he added – that they are guaranteed gradually and progressively more and more visits, hospitalizations, surgery adequately and safely “, says the councilor.” A lot of work “will therefore be needed, also together with the professionals, to” achieve important results quickly “for the protection of citizens. difficult choices – warns Donini – but at the same time seize extraordinary opportunities for public health, through investments on structures and human capital “.

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