Coronavirus Bulletin Lombardy and Milan Friday 12 June 2020


The fight against coronavirus continues in Lombardy. Friday June 12 figures show a decline in hospitalized people, but covid-19 does not let go. In the region in the last 24 hours they still found 272 positives. “Among the positive cases – explains the Councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera – 42 refer to swabs performed after the serological tests and 21 found in some RSA. The Lombardy Region has so far carried out 264,024 blood samples to 161,695 citizens and 102,329 operators. results of these serological tests showed a positive status for 41,250 (25.6%) citizens and 13,402 (12.6%) operators. In these cases the swab is carried out. A little less than 10% of citizens positive for the test it is also to the swab. For operators, positivity is confirmed in 1% of cases “.

The number of people in intensive care remains unchanged (97) but the non-serious hospitalized are -131. Unfortunately 31 people died. In Milan, infections are increasing: +88 in the province, +56 in the city.

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Coronavirus, here is the new Dpcm

No to discos. “Ni” to soccer. Yes to cinema and theater. The Conte government has drawn up the calendar for phase 3 of the Coronavirus emergency, the one that will bring Milan, Lombardy and Italy to normal after the toughest period of the fight against the epidemic.

The measures are contained in a new Prime Ministerial Decree, Prime Minister’s decree, which will come into force on Monday 15 June. The green light will arrive that day – clearly always with precise rules to be respected – for cinemas, theaters, play areas and summer centers for children, spas, wellness centers, game rooms and bets.

What reopens on June 15

“Children and teenagers are allowed to enter places intended for recreational, recreational and educational activities, even non-formal, indoors or outdoors, with the help of operators to whom they can be entrusted in custody and with the obligation to adopt appropriate safety protocols in accordance with the guidelines of the department for family policies “, reads the Dpcm on the topic summer camps. Furthermore, “access of minors is allowed, even together with family members or other people who are usually cohabiting or assigned to their care, to play areas inside parks, villas and public gardens”.

On the arcades: “The activities of arcades, betting rooms and bingo halls can be carried out on condition that the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces have previously verified the compatibility of the performance of the aforementioned activities with the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories and that identify the applicable protocols or guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar sectors “.

And then again: “The activities of wellness centers, spas, cultural and social centers are allowed on condition that regions and autonomous provinces have previously ascertained compatibility with the trend of the epidemiological curve”.

For cinemas – which will be limited in number and with an obligation to distance – “autonomous regions and provinces, in relation to the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories, can establish a different date of resumption of activities, as well as a different maximum number of spectators considering the size and characteristics of the places “.

What does not reopen

Green light postponed, however, for “contact” amateur sports. In fact, from 12 June sporting events resume – it is the day of Juventus-Milan of the Italian cup -, but non-professionals will still have to wait.

The ok will come “from June 25”, when – explains the Dpcm – “amateur contact sports can resume, if the regions but also the Minister of Sport and Health ascertain that the compatibility of the course with the epidemiological situation occurs”. So for soccer matches and all the other challenges between friends we will have to wait a little longer.

When clubs and fairs reopen

Longer wait for fairs, discos and dance halls. “The activities that take place in dance halls and discotheques and similar venues, outdoors or indoors, fairs and congresses remain suspended until July 14, 2020. The regions and autonomous provinces, in relation to the trend of the epidemiological situation in their territories, they can establish a different date of resumption of activities “. And even when fairs and discos reopen there will still be strict anti-contagion rules.

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In the Dpcm all the measures adopted so far are confirmed, from social distancing to the ban on gathering. Immuni app chapter: “From Monday – said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte – it can be downloaded throughout the national territory and will be operational. You can download it with security, serenity and tranquility, because it protects privacy, it has a very strict discipline , it does not invade private spaces “.

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