Coronavirus Bulletin June 2 Marche, 4 new infections – Chronicle


Covid-19 emergency
Ancona, 2 June 2020 – 4 new Covid-19 cases have been identified in the Marche in the last 24 hours, 0% of the 586 swabs processed within the process for new diagnoses: it is a Macerata and 3 people from outside the region. During the same day, 398 tests of the path of the healed were also carried out, which brings the daily total of the exams to 984.

This is learned from the first daily bulletin of the Gores, the regional operational group that coordinates the health emergency. Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, in the Marche they have been ascertained overall 6,734 cases, 10.1% compared to 66,434 processed swabs.

Yesterday, June 1, the Coronavirus bulletin recorded for the second time zero new infections. And for the first time, simultaneously with zero infections, they register even zero deaths.

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