Coronavirus, Bolsonaro: “I’m sorry for the victims but we will all die”


It is known that death is an unavoidable event in life. Yet this certainty always creates a certain anxiety in the human soul. A trepidation that inevitably increases if the concept is publicly reiterated, and moreover during a serious health emergency, by those who must put in place plans to protect the health of citizens of a country. This is the case of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro who in conversation with some of his supporters in front of the presidential palace in Brasilia said: “Sorry for the Covid victims but we will all die”. Few but heavy words uttered while in the country the number of people who lost their lives due to the coronavirus grows, and much.

A supporter asked the president “a word of comfort”. Bolsonaro replied: “Have faith that we will change Brazil.” The woman, citing passages from the Bible, he added: “And to the mourners, who are many, what does it say?”. Reply ready: “I’m sorry for all the dead, but it’s the end of all of us”.

The situation in the country is quite serious. For the second consecutive day, Brazil recorded a record that it would have gladly done without. The Ministry of Health confirmed that in 24 hours there were 1,349 deaths due to coronavirus while the new confirmed cases are 28,633. The official toll thus rose to 32,548 deaths and 584,016 infections. The worst affected state remains that of Sao Paulo with 123,483 cases and 8,276 deaths, followed by Rio de Janeiro with 59,240 infections and 6,010 deaths.

The government of the latter state has decided to take direct management of the sects field hospitals under construction in the area to face the health emergency. The construction and management of nosocomes was entrusted to the association of basic and advanced care institute (Iabas). The decision comes after company failures, especially regarding delays in hospital delivery and management shortcomings. Brazil, with 210 million inhabitants, is the second country in the world by number of cases, after the United States, and the fourth in deaths, after the USA, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly denounced “exaggerations” on the health emergency by the press. The president of Brazil has always been against the lockdown, especially in order not to damage the nation’s economic and productive fabric, and has also decided to focus on therapies not approved by the WHO at the expense of tampons. In addition, Bolsonaro himself pushed for the use of the antimalarial drug chloroquine in patients with symptoms of the disease. “There are people who criticize chloroquine but there is no alternative, it is what there is at the moment. There are good results and good doctors who defend its use”, said the president of Brazil.

A questionable position that led to the resignation of two health ministers, Luis Henrique Mandetta and Nelson Teich. While protests were staged in Curitiba three days ago against the government for the management of the health emergency, it also took the field Anonymous Brasil. Some hackers have disclosed Bolsonaro, two of his sons and some ministers on social private documents. The group of hackers has also threatened to publish information that would link the head of state to “death of a public person”. The Minister of Justice and Public Security, AndrĂ© Mendonca, has announced that the federal police will investigate the attack.

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