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Bologna, 11 June 2020 – The wedding in Phase 2 did not bring well. Thirty-one people are in solitary confinement after attending a ceremony celebrated in the Apennines in early June, because one of the participants tested positive at COVID-19. And not just any participant: the bride, the absolute protagonist of the day. Photos, toasts, congratulations perhaps not exactly at a safe distance that alerted the Ausl of Bologna and Veneto. Result: all the wedding participants ended up in quarantine. Eleven in the province and twenty in the Veneto. The girl, in fact, is originally from Treviso, but for years residing in the Bolognese area and her guests had arrived specifically here for her. The president of the Veneto region communicated the news yesterday morning Luca Zaia, in the daily bulletin of the infections.

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Guests, at the moment, they have no symptoms and have not been swabbed, but given the risk they will remain in isolation for the usual 14 days. A few days after the ceremony, the bride did not feel well and, suspecting it could be the virus, turned to 118. She was tested for a swab, tested positive and the Ausl public health department immediately informed the Venetian counterparts. .

It is not clear, therefore, if on the wedding day the girl was already infected, but to exclude the possibility of chain infections, the health precaution was immediately taken. Probably, the bride is one of the five new positives communicated in the Region’s daily bulletin. These are two people residing in the city, one in Budrio, one in Castenaso and one in Castel Maggiore. In all of Emilia-Romagna, out of 7,793 swabs made, only 24 positive cases emerged, of which 21 asymptomatic. At the same time, 1,783 other people underwent serological tests, as part of the screening project carried out by the Region to “monitor” the progress of the virus. A downward trend, although unfortunately we have not yet been able to celebrate the end of the deaths: seven still in Emilia, one in Bologna. The victim is a 98-year-old lady, O. S., from Bologna. On the good news front, however, the health of infected patients improves every day: according to yesterday’s bulletin, forty-one other people have recovered and now still active cases of the disease in the Bolognese area have fallen to 449.

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, 4,669 people have contracted Covid-19 between Bologna and neighborhood (3,732 asymptomatic). Unfortunately, patients who failed to overcome the disease reached 656, 329 women and 327 men; 27 died in intensive care, 213 in social-health facilities, 198 in other hospital wards and 5 at home. Healed people reached 3,460, with 104 other patients declared clinically healed. Of the total infected, 2,269 are residents of the capital; 715 in the Pianura Est district and 552 in the Reno, Lavino, Samoggia district. Most positives are women: 2,581, compared with 2,088 men. As for the cases still ongoing, the majority of the patients are being treated in home isolation (398 people); another 148 are hospitalized, but only seven are still in intensive care.

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