Coronavirus, blocking evictions until December 31, 2020


ROME – Further extension, from 1st September to 31st December 2020, of the suspension of evictions (for residential and non-residential buildings). The extension is foreseen by an amendment to the Relaunch decree, proposed by Leu and Pd and approved in the House Budget Committee.The rule therefore extends the stop to evictions already introduced by Cura Italia. To become definitive, the extension must also obtain the go-ahead from the Chambers.
Angry Giorgio Spaziani Testa, president of Confedilizia: “The blockade of evictions is an irresponsible act and an insult to property rights. The Italians who have just paid the first 11 billion of the IMU 2020, which the government has not even deigned to postpone, they will remember, “he adds.Many of the amendments approved today concern health professionals. Dalila Nesci, MP of the 5 Star Movement explains. “The amendment to my first signature will allow to further extend – compared to what we had already foreseen in the last Budget Law – the audience of health sector operators who can access the job stabilization“.

“In particular,” explains the deputy, “the text states that the requirement of 36 months of service to access stabilization must be possessed on December 31, 2020: in this way also those health professionals who have been on the front line during the Covid emergency, even if with fixed-term contracts. In addition, the deadline for accreting the 36 months necessary for access to reserved bankruptcy procedures is also postponed to 31 December 2020. With this amendment, we add another important result to our commitment to stabilizing precarious health workers, equating them to all employees of the Public Administration “.

The leader of the League in the Chamber of Deputies Riccardo Molinari and the head of the Commission in the Budget Committee Massimo Garavaglia also claim a success: “After the absurd rejection two weeks ago, we finally brought the government back to common sense. Our amendment was recovered and finally approved for the recognition of additional bonuses to doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers involved in the anti-Covid emergency. An industrious repentance snatched from the government by the League to give concrete thanks, and not just in words, to those who fought on the front lines for whole weeks, without stopping, day and night, ensuring care and assistance to the Italians “.

In addition, doctors and all healthcare professionals who continued to pursue their professional activity during the Covid-19 emergency period automatically gained one third of the formative credits required for the three-year period 2020-2022.

“Thanks to my amendment to the relaunch decree, approved in the Budget Committee – says Carmen Di Lauro, MEP Grillina – healthcare companies will be able to hire, by way of collaboration, psychologists registered in the professional register. It is an important measure: the Covid19 emergency and the restrictive measures to which the population has been subject have exacerbated many existing psychosocial problems and unfortunately created new ones “.

Another approved amendment provides that doctors enrolled for the enhancement of Military health, if enrolled in the last or penultimate year of the course of the university specialization schools, they remain enrolled in the school with suspension of the economic treatment from the medical-specialist training contract. The period of activity, carried out exclusively during the state of emergency, is recognized for the purpose of obtaining the specialization diploma. The universities also ensure the recovery of the training, technical and assistance activities necessary to achieve the envisaged training objectives.

Exceptionally to enlisted medical officers in temporary service in the Carabinieri Corps, the qualifications of judicial police officer and public security officer are not attributed.

“Thanks to the approval of the Chamber Budget Committee, of an amendment to the Relaunch decree, shared by all parties, the school of specialization in medicine and palliative care“This is how Giorgio Trizzino, another MP of the 5 Star Movement.” The amendment concerns graduates from the 2021-2022 academic year and – explains Trizzino, first signatory – also provides for the introduction of the compulsory course of pediatric palliative care for the specialists in Pediatrics “.

EUR 3 million more on arrival for the revolving fund for solidarity with victims of mafia-type crime, extortion requests, usury and violent intentional crimes. For 2020, the regulation ensures “greater refreshment for victims of crimes of sexual violence and murder committed against their spouse, even legally separated, against the other part of the civil union or against the person permanently living with the guilty or linked to him from emotional relationship, even when terminated “.

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