Coronavirus, Bill Gates: “We aim for a billion doses of vaccine per year. I will convince Trump to change his mind and stay in the WHO “


“We are understanding which vaccines we can produce on a scale, and I hope they will be large numbers, because the cooperation I have seen from pharmaceutical companies, such as making their plants available to produce the vaccines of others, is unprecedented. Our fund will be key, because it will supply what poor countries could not do it alone“. It is the announcement made by the American tycoon Bill Gates in an interview with some international newspapers including the Print, in which he explains that the goal, to avoid problems and inequalities in the distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19, is to get to produce “1 or 2 billion doses per year”.

Gates spoke at the global vaccine summit organized on 4 June in favor of the British government Gavi Alliance: international alliance of governments, international bodies (from the UN to WHO), private entities and billionaire donors including, in fact, the founder of Microsoft. The most concrete goal, the raising of at least 7.4 billion dollars more, has been achieved and widely exceeded up to quota 8.8 billion. But to resolve the divisions and contrasts that emerged within the international community during the devastating coronavirus emergency of these months, a summit will hardly be enough. Leaders or ministers from 50 countries took part in the appointment digitally, between old and new commitments on the allocation of funds aimed at strengthening the international vaccination and immunization program supported by the partnership.

An example of that “collaboration spirit“As the Prime Minister and landlord called it Boris Johnson, indispensable to combat health emergencies such as Covid-19: an “invisible enemy” from which he himself escaped from the broken headphones, after being infected in person in March. “To defeat the coronavirus we need to focus our icollective talent in the search for a vaccine“, Said the Downing Street tenant, announcing the British commitment to donate over two billion dollars to the cause in the next 5 years and to make his main government contributor to Gavi. A momentum shared by many other countries: from Germany (600 million) to France, from Spain (50) to Norway (400) to the EU (300) and Saudi Arabia (150). Donald Trump limited himself to sending a video message of support to his friend Boris after the US break-up in an anti-Chinese key with the World Health Organization. In this regard, Bill Gates has made it known that he is “disappointed that we are talking about it. I hope to talk to President Trump and find a constructive solution, “explained Gates. “No donor is interested in simply replacing the stolen funds, so I will certainly encourage the US to remain members of the WHO and continue the support they provide.”

From the sum of 8.8 billion dollars reached at the end of the day – and made official not without pride by Johnson after the initial encouragement of the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres – 2 billion will be allocated for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines, as soon as they are available. So as to allow it donation to the poorest countries and guarantee that access to all that Guterres has invoked as a moral duty, today more than ever, beyond the investments, interests and profits of the pharmaceutical giants: key actors, always well present on the scene.

“To defeat the Covid-19 pandemic the world needs more than a scientific breakthrough, a turn of generosity is needed. And that’s what we saw today, “said Gates, patron of Microsoft and private donor of the Gavi’s flagship, as a seal of the day, not without denouncing as an obstacle and a danger to human lives to save” madness ”Of conspiracy theories fueled by social media. Ready as a founding partner of the alliance, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to support it on its own vaccination program with 1.6 billion dollars

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