Coronavirus, Bersani: “With the center-right the cemeteries would not have been enough”. Meloni’s Wrath: “Shame”


«The message that the center-right is giving from outside and inside the parliament is a knife to the country. And these people here, let someone in Piacenza (a city where there have been many deaths since Covid) ed) there is the doubt that if they had ruled cemeteries would not have been enough ». Pier Luigi Bersani, former secretary of the Democratic Party and today at the top of Article one being part of the majority, interviewed in White paper on Rai 3 he uses harsh words to comment on the management of the pandemic.

The attack by the former head of the Democratic Party the leader of the Brothers of Italy is furious: “The ideological hatred of the left does not stop even in front of the dead. Listen to these shameful statements by Bersani », is Giorgia Meloni’s Twitter post published together with the video with Bersani’s statements.

Bersani’s reasoning, before hitting his opponents on the right, he started from the demonstration of the orange vests in Piazza Duomo in Milan, in a negationist key with respect to the pandemic: «There have been thousands of deaths and that idiot who says that the virus is an invention went around in a place where there were 950 dead, badly killed, including two today. On this day in Italy there were hundreds of new people infected and dozens of deaths … ».

June 4, 2020 (change June 4, 2020 | 4:28 PM)


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