Coronavirus, Bersani attacks the center-right. Ira Meloni-Salvini


    <h2>The former leader of the Democratic Party said that with the center-right in government "cemeteries would not be enough"</h2>


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    <p>“The message that the <strong>center</strong> is giving from outside and from inside the parliament is stabbing the country. And these people here, let someone in Piacenza tell you, the doubt arises that if they had governed them <strong>cemeteries would not have been enough</strong>". So <strong>Pier Luigi Bersani</strong>, interviewed on Carta Bianca on Rai3, attacked the center-right and the Lega, in the government in the first executive Conte.

Coronavirus, Meloni responds to Bersani

What was said by the former secretary of the Democratic Party, now mostly with Liberi and Uguali, has been harshly commented by Giorgia Meloni, who defined “shameful”The words of Bersani.

The leader of Fratelli d’Italia posted the video in Bersani’s words on Twitter, accompanying him with the following comment: “The ideological hatred of the left does not stop even in front of the dead. Listen to these shameful statements of Bersani “.

Bersani had come to talk about the center-right starting from commenting on the denialist demonstration of the orange vests in Milan: “There have been thousands of deaths and that idiot who says that the virus is an invention made a tour of a place where there were 950 dead, badly killed, two of which today too”.

Coronavirus, Salvini replies to Bersani

Even the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, criticized by Zangrilli on the mask case, commented on the words of Bersani. The former Interior Minister said on ‘Rete 4’: “Those of Bersani are disgusting statements: he looks like an idiot to me, do you joke with 30 thousand dead? Here there are people who are not well … “.

Coronavirus, Bersani replies to Salvini

Pierluigi Bersani, on ‘Twitter’, replied to Matteo Salvini: “Of course I used hyperbole. But a former interior minister who ridicules masks and distancing after a few days from the first red zone asked to open everything exposes himself to a judgment that, I repeat, by hyperbole, I absolutely confirm “.

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