Coronavirus, Beijing: outbreak under control. EU, Gentiloni: no signs of a new wave


Contagions from coronavirus worldwide they reached 8,349,950 cases, with 448,959 deaths globally. This is what Johns Hopkins University notes in its continuous update on the spread of the pandemic. The United States is the most affected country, with 2,163,290 cases and 117,717 deaths. The epidemic is also continuing in Brazil, where there are now 955,377 infections, with 46,510 deaths. The third most affected country in terms of victims is the United Kingdom, with 42,238 deaths and just over 300,000 cases of contagion.

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Coronavirus, uncle Tang: here is the hero who saved Beijing from the second wave

USA Meanwhile, Trump says in an interview with Fox: We are close to a coronavirus vaccine». While New York City could enter phase 2 of the reopening on Monday. This was stated by the governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, according to which the available data show how the Big Apple is meeting the parameters to move to the second phase. In phase 2, restaurants can reopen, at least for outdoor lunches and dinners. Gyms are closed instead.

China: “European salmon blame for Beijing outbreak” Norway defends itself

Coronavirus Brazil, 35 thousand new infections in 24 hours: it is the blackest day

CHINA Beijing yesterday revealed 21 other cases of Covid-19, down from 31 on Wednesday: in one week, infections related to the Xinfadi wholesale market rose to 158, while the city continues to strengthen prevention and control measures. The National Health Commission reported 28 infections in the country, 24 of which were domestic and 4 imported, and 8 asymptomatic. The total infections are 83,293, of which 78,394 resolved with healing and 4,634 resolved with death. There are 111 asymptomatics, all under observation.The Covid-19 outbreak that emerged in Beijing “has been brought under control”: Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Cdc), explained in a press conference that a high number of infections were found among sellers of seafood, beef and mutton. The peak was reached around June 13 and now the infection “is under control. This is not to say that there will be no new cases tomorrow. The curve will continue for yet another time, but

the number of cases will always be lower».

Wu noted that there will be new cases in the coming days: according to the explanation provided, however, they would not be “newly transmitted, but only the result of the discovery that emerged in the process of tests” carried out on the carpet. The heart of the infection was traced in the wholesale market of Xinfadi, southwest of the capital, which spread due to the numerous people who frequent it, often difficult to quantify. The 21 new cases detected yesterday, bringing the total to 158 in a week, are the result of an infection contracted before June 12, Wu said.

BRAZIL Brazil is still leading the spiral, for now unstoppable, of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, a region in which in the last 24 hours the balance of infections has risen to 1,826,090 cases, while the deaths have stabilized at 86,252 . This is what emerges today from a statistical processing carried out by ANSA on the basis of data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. The Brazilian health authorities have announced that the infected continue to grow at an important rate, and are now 955,377 (+32,188), of which 46,510 (+1,269) have died. Behind Brazil are two nations of the Andean mountain range which are unable to stop the expansion of the pandemic. Peru, first of all, with 240,908 infections and 7,257 deaths, and then Chile, not far away (220,628 and 3,615), which after replacing the Minister of Health looks for a new strategy to eradicate Covid-19.

EUROPE The possibility of a second wave of contagions related to the Covid-19 pandemic would be “the worst case scenario” for Europe, but “at this moment we have no signal” that this can come. So the EU Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni, interviewed by France 2. “Obviously we look at what happens in China,” he underlined, recalling the Commission’s forecast of a 7.4% drop in GDP for the EU, “but in case of second wave, the collapse of the economy would be much more serious ». Europe has had about two very difficult weeks »after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Continent. «We had closed borders between European countries for lung fans and masks. Then in a fortnight, from mid-March, Europe made extraordinary and unprecedented decisions. We cannot say that the reaction was too late or not up to par because it was very strong, after two very dangerous weeks, “continued the Commissioner.

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