Coronavirus, because the situation in the USA is very worrying


The curve of coronavirus contagions in the world is frightening: in the last hours there has been a record growth in new cases since the pandemic. The world patient count exceeded 9 million. Eyes on North America. 30,911 infections confirmed on Monday alone. In the USA there is now one case out of five of those worldwide. In New York, offices, restaurants with outdoor tables and many other activities reopened yesterday, but other areas of the United States are affected by the epidemic in a violent way. The first wave of coronaviruses is not yet over in the United States, and is getting worse. As the CNN, the major outbreaks of the virus are now in the south and west of the country, where – say the authorities – especially young people would not respect social distancing measures and therefore are more subject to contagion.

Young people tend to get mild coronavirus but can transmit the virus to older and frail people, experts say. “With the recent contagion of young people in places like Florida, we expect a lower death rate” in the next few days, writes Dr. Tom Frieden, former director of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on Twitter. But according to Anthony Fauci, top expert in the United States of infectious diseases, the recent high number of infections among the youngest “is not surprising”. And he cautioned about the risk now: “They get infected, then they go home and infect the older ones.”

The toll of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States could exceed the 150,000 death threshold. President Donald Trump said it yesterday. The current budget is “probably 115 (115,000) but it could go a little above, up to 150 (150,000), or even more, but we would have lost 2 to 4 million lives” if the country had not taken steps to slow down the spread of the virus, Trump said in an interview with the cable network Spectrum News. Trump evidently referred to the model of Imperial College London, which announced, in mid-March, a possible death toll of 2.2 million in the United States if no action had been taken. According to Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference on the subject, the death toll of coronavirus in the United States has reached 120,000 deaths today.

“We have done a good job and are now getting the country back on its feet,” said the head of state during an interview with the White House. Asked about whether to organize new election rallies when several states in the south and west of the country are experiencing a surge in new Covid-19 cases, Donald Trump assured that health security was not overlooked. In national polls Trump is given a distinct disadvantage on Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the presidential election in November (but national polls are not very indicative of how the star and stripes electoral system is organized): the way the White House has managed the coronavirus emergency is and will be the decisive theme of the next months of the election campaign.

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“There is no second wave. They are only outbreaks.” To say, trying to calm the Americans, it was the White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, talking about the new coronavirus during an interview with the CNBC. “We know how to handle these things now, we’ve come a long way since last winter,” he added. For days, the Trump administration has been trying to diminish alarms about the increase in infections.

Coronavirus, the long summer of the USA: “enough lockdown” but the nightmare is 200 thousand dead

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