Coronavirus Basilicata, Bardi: the obligation to communicate remains for all those arriving in the region


The obligation to communicate continues for all those arriving in Basilicata. Order no. 26, dated 4th June, signed by the President of the Region, Vito Bardi.

To counter the spread of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 – provides the ordinance – all people, even if asymptomatic, “who enter or even temporarily move into the regional territory of the Basilicata Region, by any means of public or private transport “, Are required to communicate this to their own doctor, to the pediatrician if minor, or to the toll-free number 800996688, specifically established by the Region,” indicating place of origin, place of main destination, period of stay and telephone numbers “. In turn, the doctor or toll free operator contacted “on the basis of the communications received, inform the competent health authority, which will propose the execution of the rhinopharyngeal swab for Sars-Cov-2”, following the indications given by the Directorate-General for Health Prevention and by the Superior Council of Health of the Ministry of Health.

These provisions do not apply “on the basis of proven working needs, of absolute urgency or for health reasons”, to people who go to Basilicata “because of movements functional to the performance of activities relating to the Constitutional Bodies, of public functions including elective nature, including those inherent to institutional positions ”. Likewise, they do not apply “to persons engaged in the transport and transit of goods or in any case employed throughout the supply chain of economic, production and commercial activities for travel to or from the Basilicata region”.

The names and contact details acquired are entered in a regional data base, “used exclusively for the monitoring actions of the subjects concerned in the fourteen days following the arrival in the regional territory”.

The order is published in the special issue of Bur no. 53 and on the institutional website of the Basilicata Region

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