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Bologna, 25 June 2020 – After the news of the cluster in the Bartolini company (which is now called BRT), in the Roveri area, anti-control checks start Covid. Carpet test (video), with a buffer station positioned in the open space of the seat in via Cerodolo, in the industrial area at the gates of Bologna. At lunchtime, the hustle and bustle of technicians and health workers struggling with the test procedures needed to go hunting for the virus is clearly visible. The activity of screening with swabs, the company said, has been extended to 370 people.

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A preventive action of which the Pug yesterday and which now takes the form of investigation. It all started after that two warehouse workers were found positive at Covid-19 in recent days. The management of the shipping company has thus decided to close the warehouse as a precaution.

The company, however, has not closed its doors, continues to remain open and active, even if the warehouse closure is creating delays in deliveries, especially in the Bologna area. Meanwhile, tests have been activated for all employees which have led to an initial, alarming response: 64 positive, of which, however, ” only ‘nine symptomatic, with two hospitalizations.

The tests continue today: the goal is obviously to understand if the outbreak can to have widened and having infected other workers and employees.

Bartolini Corriere Espresso “is following and managing with extreme attention the evolution of the situation linked to the Covid-19 cluster that occurred in its Bologna Roveri warehouse, originating from warehouse logistics service workers managed by an external company”.

The company writes that “it was promptly activated in close collaboration with the Local Health Authority”, doing a screening with buffer on about 370 people.

The company, in a note, explains that it has activated itself with the Ausl “in order to contingent and rationalize operating activities and at the same time to verify the spread of the contagion, in strict compliance with the ‘Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and the containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace “.

Therefore, the necessary security measures to protect operators and employees and to verify the spread of the infection were promptly implemented “. First “screening was performed through nasopharyngeal swab of the approximately 200 workers, which has currently highlighted the presence of some asymptomatic positives. “In addition, home insulation has been arranged for all the workers involved, as required by the health protocols in the context of the Covid emergency.

So a “deep” was made sanitizing the rooms, conducted by certified and specialized companies, in addition to those provided by the internal protocol prepared in compliance with the ministerial provisions “.

Lastly, “with the aim of protecting the health of customers, suppliers and direct and indirect collaborators as much as possible, today 170 other workers, all drivers and operational employees of the branch have been subjected to a buffer”.

How the outbreak was born and how the Ausl moved

I’m almost 200 people under surveillance in Bologna for the Bartolini outbreak. To take stock of the situation is Paolo Pandolfi, director of the public health department of the AUSL of Bologna. The tracking and screening activities, he explains to the ‘Dire’ agency, “started as soon as we had the first cases”. The procedure started “after reporting a doctor last week. But the workers contacted their doctor belatedly – Pandolfi notes – and this is not a good thing. We need a lot of responsibility right now”.

In the first days of analysis, continues the Ausl executive, “we found 47 positive employees, of which you are symptomatic “. There are also” 17 other cases, attributable to Bartolini’s working outbreak, between family members and acquaintances, three of whom are symptomatic “.

So in total there are 64 cases of yesterday COVID-19, of which nine are symptomatic, with two hospitalized in the covid departments of the Bologna hospitals and all other people in solitary confinement at home.

The investigation was then extended to other close contacts, Pandolfi explains: other Bartolini workers, family members and acquaintances, who for now, however, are not positive.

In any case there is talk of 130 other people in solitary confinement at home, some with negative buffer and all under surveillance. “At the moment, the outbreak affects only the warehouse workers of the Roveri family, Pandolfi is keen to specify – not drivers, couriers and employees. But we will swab them too, to be sure. ”

To date, 138 swabs have been performed, which resulted in 64 cases, and another 190 were made today.

Pandolfi (Ausl): “The outbreak is under control”

“The outbreak is under control and we know where to investigate – assures the Ausl manager – there is likely to be a growth trend in the coming
days. Rather, the more we find new cases, the better, because it means that our business is working, “continues Pandolfi. But how did the outbreak arise?” The problem is that the rules must be respected “, Pandolfi replies.

Last Thursday night, June 18, the Dire agency reports that Ausl made a surprise inspection in the Bartolini alle Roveri warehouse, finding shortcomings and making some prescriptions to the company (no penalties). “Not everyone wore a mask – the Ausl manager reports – the respect of distances was not always guaranteed and there were some shortcomings also on the management of the premises in terms of cleanliness “.

The company then closed the warehouse for a few days, explains Pandolfi, “to sanitize the premises, and sent all the workers employed since June 1 home,
by recruiting another 30 employees from various cooperatives and reopening the warehouse with reduced activity from Monday. “Also on these new workers, Ausl has started the checks.

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