Coronavirus: Arcuri, Immuni app downloaded from 2 million Italians – Chronicle


“We must not believe that this emergency is over: the emergency will end only when the vaccine is discovered and when it is produced in a sufficient way to make all citizens who have to be immune”. So the emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri replied to ‘1/2 hour more’ on Rai3 to those who asked him if we were out of the emergency. In these months, he added, “the Italians have been extraordinary and with their behaviors they have allowed us to get out of the lockdown and start a new phase. Now we must continue to be responsible understanding that we are asked for the same responsibility that we had in the past” . But will there be a return of the virus? “There will be a resurgence – replied Arcuri – if we do not behave responsibly. If we are, then there may be some further resurgence, but it will be contained”

Arcuri, app downloaded by 2 million Italians – The Immuni contact tracing app, which will start experimentally in 4 regions tomorrow, “has been downloaded by 2 million Italians,” said Arcuri. “It is a very useful app and tracking is an essential component for this phase,” added the Commissioner, saying that he was not worried that each region is making its own App. “When I was studying, they told me that good money drives out bad money – he said – and I’m sure Immuni will be the most useful for your needs ”

Speed ​​up on ‘hunting’ for asymptomatic – “We should start chasing asymptomatics with a national strategy, which in a phase like this are more important than those who have the virus”. Arcuri said this, reiterating that Italy is currently able to carry out 92 thousand tampons per day against a capacity of 62 thousand per day in the last month. “Molecular tests are the only real component to tell if there is contagion or not and on this we should hunt for asymptomatics – he reiterated – Today on this we are less unprepared than we were in March, so we must prepare and this phase accelerate. ” Arcuri then stressed that it is necessary “to make the serological tests pay an acceptable price”.


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