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I do not want the ex virologists and epidemiologists for the comparison, but even Einstein, interviewed every day, would have made the figure of the idiot. Michel Platini, who hated interviews, said so. Even a convent of Cistercian monks, illuminated by TV lights, would turn into a chicken coop. Let alone an assembly of scientists from the ego not exactly shrunken. The media system feeds on experts and famous people, and it works if their statements manage to provoke the reply of some other expert or famous person. It is an arduous job that demands a continuous exchange of faces: politicians, sportsmen, journalists, soubrettes of both sexes alternate at a frenetic pace. Reinforcements were needed. So the chefs came first. And now the doctors who have been interviewed for three months every hour of every day (also by me, unfortunate) to find out how the virus is doing. And Dr. X says that it no longer exists, and Professor Y who is a little tired but always in the breach, and the luminary Z that the symptoms are milder, as happens at the beginning and end of each pandemic, but then not can tell us if we are at the end or at the beginning (of the second wave).

Scientists are asked for certainties and they answer: we don’t have any. So why do they keep answering? The truth that the mechanism swallowed them. Otherwise they would get away with a no comment like old Cuccia did. But he evidently had discovered the vaccine.

June 2, 2020, 7:04 am – change June 2, 2020 | 07:04

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