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The pandemic coronavirus it also influences the world of sport. follows the main updates of the day in real time. 10:50 The president of Figc Gabriele Gravina intervened at ‘MaratonaSport’ on Eleven Sports to talk about the restart of Serie A and focused on the possibility of a new stop: “I hope that the world of football is not so unfortunate as to catch a new case of coronavirus. We enjoy this restart, knowing in a responsible way that there are still risks to be managed correctly, because a further stop would be a big joke. Tomorrow football in Italy starts again, in line with what happened at European level and this is a reason for great satisfaction: we have avoided the wave of offenses and exclusion from the international arena. Achieving this goal was not easy, the objective conditions did not give us complete serenity: we experienced complicated and tense moments. Quarantine? I am optimistic and it seems to me that the numbers give us reason. epidemiological curve gives us hope and I am not saying this just for football: it is clear that, should this trend continue, we will ask the Scientific Technical Committee to loosen some restrictions eliminating a quarantine which seems to me to be particularly excessive, especially if there is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening up to amateur sports such as soccer. Reopening of stadiums? We asked to be able to fall within the entertainment world, which provides for the public. Now it is not possible to hypothesize a number of people with the maximum guarantee in a plant of 60 thousand people, we do not want to accelerate on this issue: now there are other priorities, we must ensure that the championship can be closed and at the same time, if the virus allows it , get our viewers to participate. ”

10:30 Alarm accidents in A league: according to research by Noisefeed reported by The Gazzetta dello Sport, there is a 30% increase in injuries, with particular attention to muscle problems, especially to the flexor.

10:15 There Uefa confirmation, on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th June the Executive Committee will meet in video conference to address the following topics:

Club competitions

– 2019/20 Champions League and Europa League: organize the continuation from the round of 16 onwards.

– 2020/21 Champions League and Europa League: qualifying round, playoff and group stage.

– 2019/20 Women’s Champions League: program from the quarterfinals onwards.

– 2020/21 Women’s Champions League: calendar.

National competitions

– Euro 2020: programming- 2020/21 Nations League: reschedule group stage.

– 2019/20 European Women’s Under-17 and European Under-19: calendar and format.

– Futsal competitions.

Points scheduled on the second day

– World Cup 2022: qualifying draw procedure.

– Club Licenses and Financial Fair Play.

– UEFA guidelines.

10:00 The former AC Milan striker Oliver Bierhoff, today director of all the German national teams, spoke about the resumption of football in Germany after the stop for the Covid-19 pandemic: “Germany is a model country, the Italian thinks about his garden …”. READ HERE ALL THE STATEMENTS

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