Coronavirus and sports LIVE: D’Aversa: ‘I had the virus’. Gravina no to relegation block. Strengthened against Serie A | A league


The coronavirus pandemic also affects the world of sports. follows the main updates of the day in real time. 12:00 The Parma coach, Roberto D’Aversa granted an interview to Parma Today in which he revealed that he had contracted the coronavirus: “After the match against Spal I had a little fever, mild symptoms, but, given the moment, I was responsible for not putting anyone at risk. Only after the serological tests done in view of the restart of the championship did I know I had contracted the coronavirus “.

11:45 The is also being redesigned Giro d’Italia which will start from 3 to 25 October. The first novelty will be represented by the opening stage, no longer as announced in Budapest, but in Palermo and will be an individual time trial that will assign the first pink jersey. In Sicily, the next three hamlets will also take place, which will start the ascent of the boot.

11.30 Even in cycling with other sports there is the problem of protocol and team quarantine. During the week Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro d’Italia, and his staff will go to the Interior Ministry to find out more. If an individual is positive, would the team or only the infected subjects withdraw from the race?

10:00 Also in NBA the protocol launched for the re-start inside the Disney World in Orlando in Florida, and which will restart the season from 31 July, does not provide for the isolation and the stop of an entire team in case of positivity. The checks will be daily and if there is a single positive case it will be immediately isolated and only for 7 days.

09:45 The Premier League will not stop in case of new infections. Only the government will be able to impose the new stop on all competition. In case of positivity of the single player, the isolation of the whole team will not be mandatory.09:30 Not only the Lega Serie B with Benevento at the top of the list, but all the other cascade leagues are ready to mobilize if the line proposed by the Lega Serie A officially passes which would block the relegations and therefore the consequent promotions of the other series in those immediately superior.

09:00 Tomorrow the FIGC Federal Council will be held where the plan presented by the Serie A League will be discussed and voted with the blocking of relegations and promotions in case of a new stop to the championship. Even President Gravina, according to Tuttosport, will oppose this solution.

08:30 The president of Benevento Oreste Vigorito, thunders against Serie A from the pages of the Corriere dello Sport. The number one of the club that dominated the Serie B is openly siding against the “plan B” of the Serie A League which would block relegations and promotions in case of a new stop of the championship: “Who thinks he can cancel his mistakes in this way is wrong “No to retrocessions and promotions? So no Europe for those who believe they deserved it. If high interests prevail, Benevento will leave the scene. It is an unprecedented damage to the image”.

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