Coronavirus and Greece, the Italian of the EU’s aviation security body that wrote the “black list”: but the last word belongs to the States


The bulletin of the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) that Greece has used to introduce preventive measures against Italians is a four-page document and a list of areas “with a high risk of transmission of Covid-19” . In the latest update, the 14th, the “affected” Italian areas – and their airports – are four: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. Once upon a time, and we are talking about the end of March, there were also Tuscany and Marche. “But this is not a black list, it does not provide for the interdiction of connections to and from Northern Italy,” he explains Courier service Alessio Quaranta, general manager of our National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and member of the management board of EASA. “That list was created to collect information from States and to indicate what are at most times the areas most at risk: all this is then communicated to the companies and airports so that they can make their assessments”.

The bulletin is changed every week, hand in hand with the evolution of the pandemic, and has gone unnoticed, thanks to the almost elimination of air transport. “Its compilation is impartial – says Quaranta -, it takes place independently, it is not the result of negotiation with the countries”. A special technical committee takes care of it. If anything, it is a document that suggests, if you wish, to add a further verification of passengers arriving from certain locations. From Easa they explain that the inclusion or not of an area or an airport in the list occurs only through the analysis of scientific-statistical data and by cross-checking some indicators: the number of active cases in relation to the population, the recovered, the daily progression new infections, the lethality rate, the number of tampons, the incidence on urban and suburban areas, the size and the number of tracks in the surroundings.

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