Coronavirus and 2020 holidays, the immunologist Le Foche: “At the sea and under an umbrella without a mask”


People who change the pavement in the street so as not to cross the passer-by or who in the park, while wearing a mask, move away from meters in order not to enter the space of those who make their run, in the absence of crowding. They are paranoid behaviors to be abolished, according to Francesco Le Foche, immunologist of the University Hospital Umberto I. Who invites us to maintain reasonableness, not only distances otherwise we will not recover normalcy, the fundamental social life for man, therefore we must go back to living it.

What do you mean?
It is as if we had put out a fire, small outbreaks remain and we have a bucket with water to intervene. Now I see the situation calm, it will get better and better in the coming weeks and months if we keep rational precautions in certain closed and crowded environments.

And outdoors?
The World Health Organization has declared that we should wear a mask in case of crowds, when it is not possible to keep interpersonal distances. So certain behaviors don’t make sense. Be careful not to be afraid of ghosts, as happens in a famous comedy by Eduardo.

Would the ghost be the virus?
The virus is wrong to see the danger everywhere. I see people who when they meet another human being hold their breath and look on the ground. A paranoia. We must react otherwise we enter a negative context from which it will be difficult to escape. I know of people who don’t stick their noses out of the house out of fear.

Try to convince the paranoid.
We have sophisticated means of reacting, we have seen it. From here on we will have more and more. Thucydides, recounting the black plague in Athens in 430 BC he wrote that he saw humanity lost. Now it makes no sense to be lost. The Covid post should not be lived like this.

Holidays in serenity?
Being able to keep my distance, I would leave in peace. On the beach sunbeds and umbrellas are organized in safety. There is no reason to wear a mask except when we go to the factory bar and there are many people present.

And in the gym?
Be careful not to be phobic. If the indoor gym then we reduce the training time, 40 minutes instead of a full hour.

They are about to reopen cinemas and theaters.
Let’s go back, they belong to the playful culture. Of course, we forget the crowd of the public forever. I have no doubt that cinemas and theaters have been organized safely and I can’t see why we deny ourselves the pleasure of attending them. There is no life without culture. These are not the environments in which to fear contagion. Sufficient steps have been taken to ensure that you watch a movie or comedy without worry.

Is there life without fun?
No. There will be a system of readmitting spectators in the stadiums, perhaps halving the number of seats. Matches behind closed doors have no taste. There are contexts where it is easier to ensure distance. As a football fan I have seen several plants in Great Britain where conditions are better than ours as they had the problem of structurally separating aggressive supporters.

Kisses and hugs?
It is still early, let’s keep them on hold for a while. The man predisposed to socialization cannot live as a hermit. When the time comes we will take them back. I don’t think the world has changed forever.

June 7, 2020 (change June 7, 2020 | 22:38)


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