Coronavirus: Abruzzo, data updated to 9 June. Positive cases at 3266


(REGFLASH) Pescara, June 9 – In Abruzzo, since the emergency began, 3,266 positive cases have been recorded at Covid 19, diagnosed by tests performed in the Pescara regional reference laboratory, by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Teramo, by the University of Chieti and by the laboratory of the hospital of L’Aquila.

Compared to yesterday, there was an increase of 1 new case out of a total of 856 swabs analyzed (0.1 percent positive out of the total).

91 patients (+2 compared to yesterday) they are hospitalized in non-intensive therapy; 4 (unchanged from yesterday) in intensive care, while others 472 (-67 compared to yesterday) they are in home isolation with active surveillance by the local health authorities.

In the number of positive cases are also included 451 patients died * (+1 compared to yesterday). The latest death concerns an 88 year old from Montesilvano.

*in the realignment of data between the ASL, Region, ISS and Ministry platforms, another 32 deaths of patients already positive to Covid 19 were counted, referring to the months of March and April, which had not been included in the reports. Sin any case, it will be up to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to attribute the deaths to the virus, since these are people who may already have been suffering from previous diseases or whose death occurred weeks after their recovery from Covid.

2248 discharged / healed (+33 compared to yesterday, of which 119 which have become asymptomatic from symptomatic with clinical manifestations associated with Covid 19 and 2129 which have resolved the symptoms of the infection and were negative in two consecutive tests).

The currently positive in Abruzzo (calculated by subtracting the number of discharged / healed and deceased from the total positive) they are 567, with a decrease of 65 units compared to yesterday.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, A total of 84700 tests were performed, of which 78826 were negative.

The difference between the number of tests performed and the results is related to the fact that multiple tests are carried out on the same patient. The total also considers the number of exams taken and still in progress.

Of the total positive cases, 247 refer to the Avezzano-Sulmona-L’Aquila Local Health Authority, 825 to the Lanciano-Vasto-Chieti Local Health Authority, 1532 to the Pescara Local Health Authority and 662 to the Teramo Local Health Authority.

The data regards the taking charge of patients and does not necessarily coincide with their registry residence, as there are patients residing in a province who are being treated in a different provincial ASL. In addition, for clinical reasons, there are patients who have been transferred from one hospital to another, even in different ASL offices.

The Health Prevention and Protection Service of the Regional Health Department communicates this. (REGFLASH) FRAFLA 200609

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