Coronavirus, 65 victims in one day. Zero deaths in 11 regions


There are 65 victims daily coronavirus-related. A slightly increasing number compared to yesterday (53 deaths) which raises the total number of deaths to 33,964. However, no victims in 11 Regions: Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia.

Since the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, the total number of infected (including victims and healed) rose to 235,278 (+280, yesterday 197). There are no new infections in Abruzzo, Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata. A single case instead in Puglia, Sicily, Friuli Venezie Giulia and respectively in the province of Trento and Bolzano. Today in Italy 27,112 swabs were made (yesterday they were 49,478).

The number of people currently decreases positive. To date, 34,730 patients in Italy are in fact with a drop of 532 units (yesterday they had been 615 less than the day before). The data of the gods is stable healed: in the last 24 hours there are another 747 units for a total of 166,584 (yesterday +759). The pressure on hospitals continues to decline: intensive care to date there are 283 patients, 4 less than yesterday, while the hospitalized with symptoms are 4,729 (-135). 29,718 people, equal to 86% of the currently positive, are in isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms.

In particular, the currently positive cases are 19,319 in Lombardy, 3,866 in Piedmont, 2,282 in Emilia-Romagna, 1,080 in Veneto, 721 in Tuscany, 248 in Liguria, 2,615 in Lazio, 1,075 in the Marche, 717 in Campania, 698 in Puglia, 81 in the Autonomous Province of Trento, 853 in Sicily, 144 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 632 in Abruzzo, 97 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 29 in Umbria, 56 in Sardinia, 8 in the Aosta Valley, 77 in Calabria, 119 in Molise and 13 in Basilicata.


Since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Lombardy, 90,389 cases have been recorded, 194 more than yesterday when the increase on the previous day had been 125. The swabs carried out were 4,488 against 8,005 yesterday; the ratio between swabs made and the number of positives found was 4.3% (1.6% yesterday). The currently positive there are 19,319 in the region (-101). Inpatients are down, now they are 2,708 (93 less than yesterday), while in intensive care there are like yesterday 107 patients. 54,768 the healed (+263). The number of gods is stable deaths: in the last 24 hours in the region there have been 32 deaths (yesterday +21) for a total of 16,302 victims.

In the province of Bergamo, coronavirus cases reached 13,609. Compared to yesterday, the growth is 51 units. In Brescia instead 63 new cases were ascertained and the total reached 15.070. Regarding Milan, the positives are 23,437, 29 more than yesterday when there were 43 cases on the previous day. In the city alone, cases rose to 9,957 (+15, while yesterday the increase had been 23 units).


Today we record 16 cases positive of which you can refer to the outbreak of the IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana in Rome. This outbreak shows that attention should not be lowered and compliance with protocols must be maintained“, said the councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.”THE deaths have been three – added the commissioner -, while i continue to grow healed which have been 88 in the last 24 hours and reach a total of 4,450 units“.

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