Coronavirus, 28 positive migrants on the quarantine ship at anchor in Porto Empedocle. Viminale: “Follow all health procedures”


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There are 28 migrants positive to coronavirus on the quarantine ship Moby Zazà which is at anchor Porto Empedocle, in the province of Agrigento. The guests are part of the people rescued in international waters from the ship Sea Watch. The swabs on 209 migrants present on the Moby Zazà had been carried out yesterday morning and yesterday evening it had been made known that one of the migrants disembarked from the Sea Watch he had been admitted to the ward Infectious diseases of the “Sant’Elia” hospital in Caltanissetta. It was initially a case of suspected tuberculosis. Then the outcome of the swab had clarified.

In two days, all the other 181 shipwrecked rescuers still in quarantine on the Zazà will be swabed again, just to verify that, in the meantime, they have not developed the disease after an initial incubation period. The 181 should have been move to a different area of the boat compared to where the 28 infected results are located, but there are no official confirmations in this regard.

They were already under medical surveillance on the quarantine ship another 47 migrants of previous landings a Lampedusa. The group of 47 is located in a different area than the one where the 210 of the 211 saved by the Sea Watch had been placed. One, the one who is admitted to infectious diseases of the “Sant’Elia” hospital in Caltanissetta, instead never got on the Moby Zazà because he considered it a suspected case of tuberculosis, already on the night between Sunday and Monday, he had been transferred to the Nisseno hospital.

The governor of Sicily, In the Musumeci, he immediately relaunched the news with a post on Facebook, claiming the choice of resorting to the quarantine ship: “Solution that we stubbornly demanded from the central government on April 12 to prevent outbreaks from developing on the territory of the island, without being able to circumscribe them and check. ” Musumeci announces that “in the next few hours, health measures based on the precautionary principle will be adopted. I want to hope that nobody comes to mind not to involve the Region in the choices that will have to be made “.

Instead the statements of the mayor of Porto Empedocle are harsh, Ida Carmina, which focuses on managing the landing: “I want to go all the way, understand what happened – he said – Because an NGO ship was allowed to land in Porto Empedocle, which until recently was considered a port not safe. Because the migrants were not immediately transferred to the offshore quarantine ship instead of arriving on the quay. My community has been exposed to the danger of an epidemic. ”

From Interior Ministry however, it is guaranteed that “the procedures adopted for migrants disembarked from the Sea Watch ship and accepted for the mandatory quarantine on board the Moby Zazà ferry, anchored in the harbor of Porto Empedocle, guarantee the full protection of security health of the country “. The sources of the ministry then specify that “all migrants have been subject since their arrival to the procedures set out in the guidelines on the system of isolation protected processed by the Ministry of Health’s Directorate-General for Health Prevention ”.

Sea Watch also reported that the crew “rigorously observed a medical protocol of prevention COVID-19 on board, before during and after the rescue “, explaining that, however, these people” spent hours, sometimes days, piled up in dilapidated boats. Almost all of them come from periods of mass confinement or detention in inhuman conditions in Libya, where the contagions from Covid have doubled in the past two weeks. ”

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