Coronavirus, 25 positives Karpaty Lviv: quarantined team


Karpaty Lviv (Getty Images)

Bad news from Ukraine where Karpaty Lviv has registered a real hotbed of Coronavirus positives. The situation

A real broke out hotbed in Ukraine where the Karpaty Lviv counts the beauty of 25 positives per Coronavirus. To reveal the whole club itself with an official statement in which it is highlighted: “After receiving the results of the repeated tests done to the team, staff and employees, we must declare an outbreak of Covid-19. The laboratory certified that just under half of the tests were positive (a total of 65 people were tested). All infected are aware of the results and are isolated under medical supervision. According to the protocol, the team’s situation was promptly reported to Football Federation Ukrainian and the Premier League. The club has been quarantined for at least two weeks and the training sessions have been canceled ”All the news from the transfer market and beyond: CLICK HERE!

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Subsequently, it was the Ukrainian federation, in a statement, that made known precisely the number of infected people 25. Later Karpaty himself launched an appeal in the note on his website: “We appeal to the highest football authorities to the season is not interrupted and we also appeal to other Ukrainian clubs, who are as responsible as possible in testing players, coaches and staff. Nobody is insured against the risk of infection. We hope that at the end of the quarantine, healthy players can resume the training process and finish the championship. ”


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