Coronavirus, 1.2 million cases in Latin America. Controversy over Bolsonaro: ‘Hide the data’


The Brazilian balance – the worst in the region, with 672,846 infected – was calculated by the local newspaper Folha de S.Paulo and was taken up by the Pope in the Sunday Angelus. Government under attack for the decision not to publish the total data of the infections and deaths anymore. The other Latin American countries most affected are Peru and Chile. The peak has not yet been reached
One million and 238 thousand infections and 63,900 deaths: while in Europe the numbers drop, in Latin America the coronavirus epidemic (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – GRAPHICS) has not yet reached its maximum spread, as emerges from a statistics elaborated byHandle based on data from 34 Latin American nations and territories. This is demonstrated by the figures recorded in the last 24 hours in the region: the new positives total 45 thousand, the deaths 1,714. Brazil is leading the ranking, with its 672,846 infected and 35,930 dead, whose situation was also mentioned by the Pope in the Angelus of 7 June: “Last Friday in a country one person died per minute, it is terrible “Bergoglio said taking up the calculation made by the local newspaper Folha de S.Paulo. Meanwhile, always in Brazil there is controversy over the government’s decision not to publish the total data of cases and deaths anymore, but only the daily budgets. A choice, according to many, with which President Jair Bolsonaro tries to hide the true impact of the disease on the population.

“Unethical to make Covid-19 dead invisible”


Coronavirus Brazil, more than 1,200 deaths recorded in one day

The move by the Brazilian government to stop publishing the overall data, defined as “extraordinary” by the The Guardian, sparked the wrath of many critics and a harsh reaction from regional health authorities. “The authoritarian, insensitive, inhuman and unethical attempt to make Covid-19’s dead invisible will not be successful,” announced the National Council of Health Ministers, the organization that brings together regional authorities. In response to criticism, Bolsonaro said that the cumulative data does not reflect the current situation in the country.

Peru and Chile are among the hardest hit

After Brazil, the countries most affected by the pandemic in Latin America are Peru, which has 191,758 infections and 5,301 victims, and Chile, with 127,745 cases and 1,541 deaths. Among the countries in the region with more than 5 thousand Covid-19 positives there are also Mexico (113,619 positive and 13,511 deceased), Ecuador (42,728 and 3,608), Colombia (38,027 and 1,205), the Dominican Republic (19,195 and 536), Argentina (21.037 and 642), Panama (15.463 and 370), Bolivia (12.728 and 427), Guatemala (6.485 and 216) and Honduras (5.971 and 248).

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