Corbo: “Koulibaly wants 9 million? Go away. The strongest in Serie A plays in Verona”


The journalist and editorialist of La Repubblica, Antonio Corbo, expressed some considerations on the Neapolitan club.

Antonio Corbo made some statements during Mars Sport Live, in-depth transmission on hot topics in the Neapolitan house – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his considerations entrusted to the Campania broadcaster: “Kalidou Koulibaly hat 29, if he wants to stay and feels connected to the environment, if he feels the shirt like his, he can stay where he is. Earn a lot, 6 million per year. If he then insists on having 9-10, it is right that he go away, provided that Napoli has an adequate counterpart in money “.

Corbo then added: “The request for 100 million for the card. It seems correct: we are talking about a strong player who represents a guarantee. Verona? Amrabat is the best Serie A player at the moment, congratulations to Fiorentina for having taken him. Napoli’s retirement in Castel di Sangro? You have to understand Naples’ request to the Region and the willingness of Abruzzo to satisfy what has been requested. If the two coincide, if the interests and perspectives coincide, I am pleased to go to Castel di Sangro “.

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