CoopVoce Top 30: unlimited minutes, 1000 sms and 30 Giga for 9 euros. There is also Easy at 5 euros per month –


They leave today, June 1, 2020, two new rechargeable offers from CoopVoce with bundle of minutes, SMS and Giga starting from 5 euros per month. The two offers, which are part of the promotional campaign “You choose” I’m there Easy + and the Top 30, both dedicated to new customers who will buy a new SIM with or without portability and ai already customers operator.

The offer CoopVoce Easy + offers every month 1000 minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 300 SMS to all national numbers e 3 Giga of data traffic at the price of 5 euros per month.

There Top 30 offers instead unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 1000 SMS is 30 Giga of data traffic for the price of 9 euros per month.

For both offers, i already customers who wish to proceed with the activation will have to support a activation fee of 9 euros deducted from the remaining credit. New customers will instead only support the cost of a new rechargeable SIM, equal to 10 euros.

Remember that the virtual operator FULL MVNO CoopVoce, active on TIM network up to 4G, offers its customers in EU roaming the entire bundle intended for domestic traffic. In other words, there will be no limitations for example related to the maximum data traffic limit that can be used every month in EU Roaming without surcharge.

The two new offers of the CoopVoce operator available to all customers will be can be activated from June 1st until July 8th 2020, except for any extensions.

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For existing customers, it will be possible to activate the offer both in the stores and directly from home, through the customer service at the number 188, from app or from customer area of the site or by sending a SMS to 4243688.

With CoopVoce, the minutes of the offer are charged on the actual seconds of conversation and without connection charge, the connection is instead charged on a single Kb.

In case of exceeding minutes and SMS included in the chosen offer, CoopVoce will apply the conditions of the consumption tariff plan.

By default, the plan will be active super easy with calls at 12 cents per minute and SMS at 12 cents each. In this case, the tariff for calls is in 30-second steps equal to 6 euro cents and the connection fee is 12 euro cents.

Once the data traffic included in the offer is exhausted, however, this will be interrupted and the customer will no longer be able to browse.

However, the customer can at any time anticipate the renewal of its offer, in the event, for example, of the exhaustion of one or more components of the bundle before the expiry date. It will be enough pay the monthly fee in advance and the new reactivation day will become the starting day for subsequent monthly charges.


If the CoopVoce customer did not have enough credit to renew its rechargeable offer on residual credit, the same will be suspended for a maximum of 30 days in which the tariff plan will be applied super easy, with inhibition of data traffic.

After 30 days, the option will be disabled, but the customer can request, within another 7 days, the reactivation of the offer without additional costs by contacting customer service at 188. Reactivation may be requested even if the offer is no longer on the market.

Please note that from April 2020 the traffic included in the new rechargeable SIM is made up of 1 euro of telephone traffic and 4 euro of bonus. For the offer Top 30 at the price of 9 euros per month it will therefore be necessary to make a first top-up of at least 5 euros. The bonus offered by CoopVoce will not be refundable and cannot be transferred in the case of portability.

Alternatively, already customers CoopVoce can activate Top 10 with unlimited minutes to all national numbers, 1000 sms to all national numbers, 10 Giga of internet traffic in 2G, 3G, 4G for 9 euros per month. In this case there is no activation fee.

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