Conte’s councilor defends the looting: “fault of capitalism”


Capitalism would be the real cause it would be causing i looting. A justification for staying alongside the riots that broke out following the death of George Floyd that set the United States on fire from Minneapolis? There has been no lack of vandalism and mass theft, but the situation seems to be completely unaware of Mariana Mazzucato. In the opinion of the economic adviser of Palazzo Chigi, the responsibility would be exclusively for the “world finance development model“What will Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte think of this colossal firing?

The prime minister asked for an intervention Anna Maria Bernini, out in the open after the writings that appeared on social media. To oppose the world of “private equity funds” is it lawful to plunder houses and shops? Would the ongoing devastation be merely a defense of the oppressed from the so-called assault finance? “But shouldn’t an occupant of an institutional role re-read what he writes? And, above all, evaluate its consequences?“. Therefore the President of the Senators of Power Italy hopes for an intervention by the head of the Giallorossi government so that “immediately distance yourself from this delusion“.

“New fascism of Trump and Salvini”

The economist, during the hearing in the European Affairs Commission of Montecitorio, answered a specific question by Filippo Sensi (MP of the Democratic Party) and confirmed that he had not signed the report of Vittorio Colao: the woman explained the situation, letting her know that she dedicated herself more to the policy design work of the economic missions. “What I am talking about today is not so much the work with Colao but what we are doing with the new team, where there are also very good young people, and we are very honored to be able to work close“he added. Furthermore, referring to a phrase said by the economist Enrico Giovannini, he also spent a few words on the plan: “I didn’t agree with all the cards but, as Giovannini said, you didn’t have to agree on all of them. The point is to help the country“.

Mazzucato in August 2019 had intervened on the possible risks on society of a capitalism that does not change and governments that make a mistake in their interventions, saying they are very worried by the advance of a new fascism. And he argued that in the absence of a concrete alternative strategy for growth – based on inclusiveness and not just on redistribution to someone – characters such as Matteo Salvini in Italy or Donald Trump in the United States “capable of intercepting and growing this wave of dissatisfaction, a bit like what happened in the 1930s“.

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