Conte tries to recompact the majority, from the Pd stop to the VAT reform: better cut the cost of labor



The premier brings together the heads of delegation: on the table the measures for the economy (simplification decree and new budget variance) and the Autostrade dossier

Conte: now we reinvent Italy. And we evaluate the VAT cut

The premier brings together the heads of delegation: on the table the measures for the economy (simplification decree and new budget variance) and the Autostrade dossier

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A long Council of Ministers, then a summit with the heads of delegation. Objective: to make a change in the government’s action now that it risks finding itself stuck. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte “calls” the majority to a change of pace. Which at the moment is not seen.

Pd: better to cut taxes on work

The first half of July will see three topics on the table: economy, EU funds, concessions to Autostrade. It is on the first and third files that the prime minister convenes the meeting with the delegation heads and economic managers of the parties at Palazzo Chigi. The Prime Minister wants to accelerate both on the simplification dl and on the “maneuver” that will entail a new budget shift. But the road is uphill. First of all on the cutting of VAT, on which doubts remain in the majority. «The premier must make concrete proposals and with a precise timetable. We need to explain why VAT has become the new priority. We have built a government program on another priority “, is the stop that comes from the group leader Dem to the Chamber of Deputies Graziano Delrio which gives a voice to those who, in the majority, would prefer interventions on labor costs. The position of the M5S is more varied while Italia Viva focuses entirely on an intervention on Irpef.

These are knots that Conte and the minister Roberto Gualtieri are called to resolve before the construction of the economic decree which will entail a further extradeficity which, in current forecasts, ranges from 10 to 20 billion. in current forecasts, it goes from 10 to 20 billion. It will be a full-bodied and emergency intervention, called to meet the requests of the Municipalities, of the tourism sector, of small entrepreneurs who have remained outside the measures launched so far. More far-reaching, however, the tax reform and the layoffs, to which the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo is at work these days.

The delays of the IGC have hit the premier, convinced that interventions that have the same modalities are no longer feasible. “There is full confidence in the president of INPS Pasquale Tridico” but “there is the awareness that the redundancy mechanism we have inherited is too complex and cumbersome”, sources from Palazzo Chigi explain.

The knot of alliances in the Regions

The divisions between Democratic Party, M5S and Iv on the Regionals do not facilitate the task of the government. Particularly in Liguria and Puglia where the government alliance risks going in random order. In Puglia Iv, without a step back from Michele Emiliano, will not withdraw the candidacy of Ivan Scalfarotto. In Liguria the agreement between Pd and M5S languishes. The Movement complains about the “no” arrived from the Dems to Ferruccio Sansa and waits for a “fourth name”, so far covered, which could unlock the impasse. Movement that, meanwhile, seems to have managed to curb the new avalanche of spills in the Senate. Vito Crimi, parliamentary sources say, would have called the senators “at risk” firsthand. Tiziana Drago and Marinella Pacifico, two of the suspects, for now do not announce any farewell step. The numbers, never as in this July, will count: on arrival, before the EU Council of 17-18, there will be the first vote on the Mes in parliament.

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