Conte replies to Merkel: “I’ll take care of our accounts”


Giuseppe Conte’s answer is dry, almost abrupt. Just enough to make Germany and Europe understand that the Italian government will not allow interference, in the field of economic choices and in the very delicate one of internal politics. “On the Mes nothing has changed with respect to Merkel’s opinions, but to account for Italy I am, with the minister Roberto Gualtieri, the accountants of the state and the ministers – it is the loud and clear stop of the Prime Minister – . We are preparing for an Italian Recovery Plan that we will present in September ». The unprecedented reply arrives during the press conference on the school, at Palazzo Chigi. The Chancellor tried to push the Giallorossi government towards yes to the 37 billion of the Salva — Stati fund, so that they do not remain unused. And Conte, who fears the explosive potential of 5-star opposition, has rejected the German offensive.

The premier therefore seems oriented towards nogiven the few votes of the majority in the Senate and seen, as Conte repeats to his ministers, that “no country has asked for it and Italy cannot be weak in the eyes of the world”. Different is the matter for the loans of the Sure project: «It is an already activated path, I think it is probable that we will ask to activate it». On how to distribute European aid, next week there will be a new meeting of the majority delegation heads, chaired by Conte and Minister Gualtieri. And always next week, the president announces, “a draft of the simplification decree law” will arrive in the Council of Ministers. The prime minister uses the conditional, explains that the text “is attracting a lot of attention” and, with a hint of veiled self-criticism, promises that parliamentary groups “even by majority” will be involved: “It seems correct, given that too many times we are resorting to urgent decree “.

The majority argue over almost everything, yet at Palazzo Chigi they show satisfaction because in the polls Conte’s personal consent remains high, over 60 percent. Numbers that bode well for Economy Minister Gualtieri, who spread certainties in Agorà on Rai3: “We will govern until the end of the legislature and we will implement the investment plan”. The tenant in via Venti Settembre will only speak of the budgetary gap “when everything has been decided”, but the figure fluctuates between 10 and 20 billion. Even on the big target of the Recovery Fund Gualtieri is optimistic (“we are convinced that there will be”) and he plans to convince “with common sense” the so-called small countries Austria, Holland, Denmark and Sweden. Maybe not all 175 billion proposed for Italy by the EU Commission will arrive, but a figure “that is as close as possible” would allow to “shake up investments” and face tax reform. Chimera, or reality?

There are still no details, however the minister says that “we work on various hypotheses” and tries to prove by numbers that the government is serious: “We have reduced taxes to 16 million workers and from July 1st wages will increase for 16 million people. For 4.5 million they will increase by 180 euros net per month, for 11 million the old 80 euros will reach 100 “. For a total of “seven billion taxes cut permanently”. And the VAT scissor? At the Democratic Party they are still angry about the Prime Minister’s announcement, but even here Gualtieri denies tensions: “We often joke with Conte, we have fun reading completely imaginative stories”. An elegant way, perhaps, to say that the cutting of VAT at the moment is fictional.

June 26, 2020 (change June 26, 2020 | 9:49 pm)


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