Conte puts his hands forward: “Red zone? I challenge anyone to dispose of it”


Giuseppe Conte puts his hands forward. While the investigation into the failure of the red zone Val Seriana proceeds in silence, the prime minister returns to talk about that decision never made. As already done a few weeks ago in response to a journalist (“if she is in government, she will write the decrees”), the strategy of Palazzo Chigi once again follows the path of the unpredictability of the challenge. The reasoning, in a nutshell, is this: nobody expected or was prepared, so there is little to look for any culprits. After all, this defensive line had already made it leaked in the newspapers (“I didn’t have the manual”) just in the days when the prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota was preparing to listen to him as an informed person on the facts.

“We experienced an emergency so unexpected that it forced us to open the panorama of the mind to the impossible and the range of our action to be unthinkable – said Conte during the Thanksgiving Ceremony of the doctors and nurses of the Task force of Civil Protection – None of us would have thought we could make the decisions we made. I challenge any Prime Minister to think that, for the first time since the post-war period to date, in a democratic state, he will have a red zone for 10 municipalities in the Lodi area. “The Prime Minister does not mention the Bergamo, but it is clear that it is that controversy that he is thinking about. So no step back. No self-criticism. All perfect. In fact, Conte has also launched the same challenge on the “decision to tell citizens not to leave the house anymore unless for proven reasons”, on the opportunity to impose “distance measures” by challenging “the basic rules and fundamental principles of our democratic order, with political, legal and economic implications “. In short, “a very difficult, demanding, unexpected test”. So guilty.

In his speech, the premier then recalled i dead “which are not numbers”, thanked the health workers (“I don’t call you heroes, but you are great professionals with a big heart”) and praised the country for giving “great proof of itself”. Then he invited everyone to “respect the rules” even if “we got out of the acute phase”, thanking the operators always at work in these months of pandemic. “I spoke with the President of the Republic – he explained – this year there is no possibility to attribute the honors of the Order to the merit of the Republic, we postponed to December 27 and asked the prefects to report the people who particularly distinct, obviously in the health professions but also in the civil protection, the police and firefighters and all categories “.

In the background, however, remains the knot of the red area. From Bergamo there is little news. For now, two people have been registered in the register of suspects for the closure and immediate reopening of the hospital in They raise Lombardo. But decisions are also awaited on the line of failure red area, where Andrea Cristanti has been indicated as a possible consultant. Just today the virologist around 12 o’clock showed up at the public prosecutor’s office from which he received “four questions, also on the lack of red area”. “If we had done the same as in Alzano at the hospital in Schiavonia (Padua), it would have been a massacre,” said the professor. For now Crisanti has not yet signed the advice, today he will evaluate what to do based on the requests of the pm. His advice should help clarify who investigates whether the delay in the red zone may have accelerated or aggravated the infection. And therefore prefigure a hypothesis of crime.

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