Conte makes Napoleon. And the Democratic Party finds the accident to downsize it


The poll on Conte’s party at 14 and broken percent is planed on the desks of newspapers and parties with prudent punctuality. At a time when, between school chaos and improbable “general states of the economy”, on which yesterday the clash between the Prime Minister and the Democratic Party exploded, the image of the head of the government did not seem exactly dazzling, the figures of the Youtrend survey for Sky they serve to record that Conte, with a 57% approval rating, has acquired its own political power which can make it the needle of the balance of future balances.

To the detriment of its allies: Pd and Five Stars would yield many votes to a hypothetical Conte List, falling to 16.4% (well below the meager result of 2018 that led to the defenestration of Renzi), the other under the 10%, but they could not do without him to replenish a majority.

In the Nazarene they put a good face on a bad game: the dems explain that the polls made years after possible elections have no value, they say that “when making an alliance, winning elections counts more than individual percentages”, and then they suggest that that poll was “suggested” by Palazzo Chigi, to respond to the poisons that come from the various grill bands daily against the premier: “They are the ones who are spreading rumors such as Conte’s candidacy for mayor of Rome or the November supplements” for a seat in the Senate, to weaken it ».

The protagonist contiano, increasingly free of inhibitory brakes, however, alarms his supporters. Yesterday the prime minister had to convene an emergency summit with the majority delegation leaders who accused him of improvising “without warning” the boutade of the “General States of the economy”, which risks translating into “an image parade without content true, “accused Dario Franceschini. While it takes “time” and “involvement of parties and social forces” to give “credibility” to a “relaunch project that can bring enormous resources into play”. In short, it cannot become the catwalk on which Conte performs surrounded by directors, fashionable architects and small valleys, to celebrate himself as leader of «Phase two», with the implication: «What is the use of Dragons if I am here?». “It would be a dangerous antic,” they say from the majority. And in fact Conte had to back down: the “general states” are slipping, and ministers and parties are not being cut off.

But between leaks forward and technical retreats, Conte’s strategy for resisting is simple but effective: showing that he wants to move the mountains and “change Italy” from top to bottom, proposing dreamlike National Renaissance Plans, but at the same time, in reality, do not move even a branch to avoid the risk of cracking the precarious balance of his government. Those dems who in recent weeks, worried about the catastrophic incapacity of the Minister of Education Azzolina who is bringing the Italian school to collapse, have noticed this, they asked for an audience with the Prime Minister and suggested a “soft” way out of the current one chaos: appoint Patrizio Bianchi, the technician put in charge of the ministry consultants task force, extraordinary commissioner for the reopening of the schools. One way to bypass the minister, without humiliating her excessively, and try to get out of paralysis, saving the country a worldwide fool.

But Conte, while admitting that “the problem is there” and that he is “aware” of the inadequacy of the exponent grillina, has rejected the idea: “The risk is that then we won’t stop there”. That is, the commissioning, albeit necessary, of an incapable minister to start a chain reaction of struggles between currents and reshuffle requests that would destabilize the government. «Azzolina is a protégée of Fico, the President of the Chamber cannot accept that it is called into question. And Fico is Conte’s supporter, so you can’t make him a rude », is the explanation. So, be patient if schools are unable to reopen in September: the important thing is that the government remains open.

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