Conte launches the “Clean Pee” operation at Palazzo Chigi – Il Tempo


Three cleanings a day in the toilets of the Prime Minister. With the excuse of the coronavirus emergency …

The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, took advantage of the coronavirus emergency and the hygienic prophylaxis he carries with him to launch the “Pissed Clean” operation at Palazzo Chigi. So during the lockdown he had Romeo Gestioni called by the Neapolitan businessman Alfredo Romeo to extend the service contract with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. And for 4,420.69 euros per month including VAT, a second round of daily cleaning was guaranteed for some of the most popular common areas, such as the press room, the switchboard rooms, the Green Room and the Chigiana Library.

But above all, he had the cleaning done to the toilets of the Prime Minister and his main collaborators brought to three daily. The premier was in fact fed up with the complaints about the lack of education with which his collaborators made use of the common toilets. And above all he wanted to avoid possible fool with any important guests. So also the “third review” of brooms and rags in the toilets. It seems that in a few days the operation “Pissed Clean” has already given its results …

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