Conte in discussion, Inter want to see him fail


Juve-Inter, always forever. An endless lifetime challenge. Today as yesterday: between controversy, criticism, badges that come and go, blow and response at a distance and a rivalry that will never end. Otherwise what Derby of Italy would it be? Still today there is talk of the penalty on Ronaldo in 1998, the year in which Lippi’s Juventus won the championship by closing the championship at +5 on Inter. Among the protagonists of that tricolor was also Antonio Conte, now the Nerazzurri coach.MAY 5, 2002 – Copy and paste four years later, when the players on 5 May 2002 were in tears at the Olimpico in Rome and Juve were celebrating in the locker room in Udine. Between one bottle and the next, a sentence popped up, a bit controversial, a little liberating: “There is little to talk about, we are enjoying. This is the bitterness of two years ago in Perugia, where someone was looking at us. “Signed: Antonio Conte. A boulder (other than a stone!) Who wanted to get out of the shoe who knows how long. Juventus symbol midfielder, black and white in the soul. Always the first to defend those colors. As a player and as a coach.

THE ANTI COUNTS – And who expected that almost twenty years later he would become Inter coach ?! Juventus have the effect of seeing him with those colors, but also of the Nerazzurri fans. In fact, someone didn’t even want it. Oh yes, that May 5th they still haven’t digested it. They don’t forget it. And after the elimination in the Italian Cup against Napoli now there are those who want to see him fail. After just one season they are already tired of seeing one who has won everything with Juventus on the field and on the bench to train “their” team. And to complete the work there is the ex to Beppe Marotta behind the desk. Pass him, but on Conte there are those who do not negotiate. If it were for some they would send him away instantly. A Juventus Inter coach, it’s all true. Because it is always Derby of Italy.

5 May 2002, as Conte enjoys (goes): a memory that Inter cannot erase

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