Conte: “Changes to the security decrees soon in the Council of Ministers”


By the end of June, the texts prepared by the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese to rewrite the two security decrees, they should arrive in the Council of Ministers.In an interview with Fanpage released today to the States General the premier Giuseppe Conte makes an explicit opening to the changes urged loudly by the Democratic Party but on which a difficult understanding with the M5s in the government team is still to be defined.
“We are already working on it although I don’t think we will make it this week because we are very busy. But Minister Lamorgese is working to finalize the changes, and I hope they can arrive in the Council of Ministers,” says the Prime Minister.

Conte asked Minister Lamorgese to open a working table at the Interior Ministry, on the model of what has been done for the provision on the regularization of illegal workers, to find a point of fall between the various souls of the government. At the table will sit the two deputy ministers of the Interior, Crimi of the M5S and Mauri of the Democratic Party, Pharaoh for Iv and Fornaro for Leu.There should be two, one on immigration, the other on security, the new decrees that will be brought to the approval of the government and should go beyond the comments made in writing by the President of the Republic at the time of publication of the laws in the Official Journal: the Lamorgese’s proposal ranges from the abolition of maximulte to NGOs (downsized to the original sanction from 10 to 50 thousand euros) and the confiscation of humanitarian ships to the expansion of cases of special protection to all people who have undergone inhuman and degrading treatments up to reconstitution of the second reception system.

The Interior Minister would also like to propose a return from 4 to 2 years for the process of granting citizenship and registration in the registry for asylum seekers.

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