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The field is back: on the eve of tomorrow’s match against Sampdoria, the Inter coach Antonio Conte presented the challenge to the official channels of the Nerazzurri club: “We really want to start again: it’s normal, training and that’s not the best. We need official matches. We have worked hard to make ourselves ready, a final rush really awaits us challenging”.ON THE QUARANTINE – “We used this period to work from a physical and tactical point of view. We tried to work to try to improve more, also studying different solutions. Let’s take Eriksen: now he has totally settled in. I am happy with how we have worked, we have refined knowledge already learned during the previous months. Our goal is always to enhance the characteristics of all the players in the squad. ”

ON THE NEWS – “I think the new exchange regulations are right: we will play every three to four days, the heat will be a factor and therefore we will need everyone. We have also worked from this point of view, trying to mix all the players. I am very calm : every one of my kids knows what he has to do, whether he plays from the first minute or if he takes over a game in progress. As for the fans: obviously they suffer the impossibility of being at the stadium and this absence also weighs on us. we hope that this complicated period will pass because we need a return to normal, we need our Nerazzurri fans. ”

ON THE CALENDAR – “The scheduling of a match at 9:45 pm requires careful organization of the day in its various phases, between breakfast, lunch and break. We will have 13 close games and we have also decided that the players will not be in retreat but will sleep in their homes, with the meeting on the match day: abroad is a consolidated method “.ABOUT SAMPDORIA – “We face Ranieri who, in addition to being an excellent coach, is also a friend of mine, whom I often attend. I wish him the best … since after our game! Winning on Sunday would mean going to six points from the first with 12 games to play: it is not an abysmal detachment. We have worked well, intensely: I have positive perceptions “.

ON THE END OF THE SEASON – “We want to play the final of the championship to the maximum, without foreclosure and without limits. The margins of our errors are less than those of the teams in front of us. But we want, enthusiasm and passion. The team has grown further, under all points of view. “

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