constructive confrontation with the team, Bifulco and Dionigi


In the late afternoon today, after training at the Picchio Village, a delegation of Ultras 1898 had a confrontation at the Hotel Villa Pigna with the team and the technical staff in a delicate moment of the season that sees theAscoli in fourth place in the standings with 32 points and back from two consecutive internal defeats against Cremonese and Perugia.

In a constructive atmosphere, the fans first spoke to one representation of soccer players, who admitted to having gone through a period of bewilderment both because of the difficult situation created for the Coronavirus emergency and for the many changes at a corporate and technical level. The ultras, with decision, asked to put everything behind and face the remaining 9 league games with the knife between the teeth and the blood in the eyes, never pulling back the leg and giving everything for a historic shirt that makes you tremble many people all over the Piceno. With a common and shared objective: to obtain permanence in Serie B, also fighting until the last second of the last match.

Then there was a confrontation with the sports director Giuseppe Bifulco, who appreciated the constructive spirit of the fans and who admitted that he had opted for a coach like Davide Dionigi because he immediately perceived in him that determination and the desire to do that at this moment represent the only weapons to be able to raise the fate of Ascoli. The aim is to make a common front: team, technical staff, city and fans, putting aside the mistakes made and thinking exclusively about winning points since the next match in Venice.

Finally, the Ultras 1898 delegation had an interview with the new coach Davide Dionigi (the official announcement will come tomorrow) which confirmed that it has an excellent team that now only needs a character and mental push to approach the final rush of the season in the best way.

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