Competition of the Campania Region, the dilemma of 115 candidates: “Quit or give up the internship”


Give up the certain for the uncertain. Classic dilemma that turns into drama when the choice concerns a permanent job. This is the condition that is currently gripping a group of about 115 candidates for the regional competition who have written to the governor Vincenzo De Luca. They all already have a job in a private company or in another public body and have participated in the regional selection. They passed the written tests, obtaining the pass for the 10-month internship paid with European funds. But to access the internship they should say goodbye to their current profession. And they fear to remain with a handful of flies in their hands, given that the announcement includes two more steps after the 10 months of training: a written and an oral test. Two other phases of the competition that will then determine the actual winners.”We are faced with two alternatives – write in the letter – to resign to participate in the training phase that does not give any job certainty or give up the competition and the prospects and expectations placed in it”. Give up your current job without having any certainty yet of winning one of the 2178 places made available by the Region and Municipalities: a gun at the temple. Among the candidates there would also be employees of the Municipality of Naples. It is a puzzle resulting from the organization of the competition which places the training internship in an intermediate phase, before the final ranking.
Now the 115 candidates are asking to be protected. In return they are willing to “give up the scholarship” provided during the training: one thousand euros gross per month. “A good part of us – they conclude – would hardly give up a safe job for an employment that is not yet certain. And this would result in possible damage to the sponsoring body which could find itself with a lower number of winners than the places in the competition. “

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