“Commisso showed the speculator’s face”


Yesterday’s demonstration left its mark in the Florentine public debate on the stadium issue, but not everyone shared its position. Indeed, there are those who, like the “The Florentines for the Franks” he kept pointing out with a ten-point letter, he sees it in a radically opposite way.

1) He realizes that taking Fiorentina to a new stadium in Campi Bisenzio would beand a huge rudeness for the city of Florence that welcomed you with sympathy with open arms?

2) Realizes theHuge economic damage that Fiorentina’s departure would lead to Campo di Marte and the finances of Palazzo Vecchio, just as the city is measuring itself against the catastrophe of the virus?

3) Realizes that abandoning the Franchi stadium condemns him to ruin?

4) He realizes that he was a benefactor as he presented at the beginning, has gradually shown a speculator face with its essential projects of large hotels and impressive shopping centers?

5) Realizes that a new stadium in Campi means further cementing the territory when a stadium for Fiorentina already exists?

6) He realizes that between Campi and Florence currently no valid infrastructure exists, which should be carried out at the expense of a community that today cannot afford it?

7) Realizes that the Franchi stadium is already supported by a railway station large capacity connected with all of Italy?

8) He realizes that Italy, and Florence in particular, has a duty to protect its monumental heritage, and that if the city with its hills has largely been saved from speculation, is it thanks to a determined safeguard work?

9) Realizes that the Franchi stadium is a monumental asset, a work of art to be protected, but is it still possible to effectively modernize it by making it unique in the world?

10) And he realizes that the superintendent Pessina has declared himself available to accept an adequate project, is it enough that you officially present it to him?

Know mister Commisso, that we have long criticized the Novoli hypothesis and we are glad that the mayor Nardella has come to his senses, although we would have preferred with more discretion. We insist on advocating the intervention on Franchi and we clearly tell you that if Fiorentina moves to Campi, we will not cease to support Viola. But we will have you, Mr. Commisso, a different and not positive consideration.

The “Florentines for the Franks” Committee
Riccardo Catola, Vittorio Maschietto, Massimo Riconda.

Fiorentina and fans for the new stadium. Now ball to politics. And the Campi option is getting stronger

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