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Still there Gimbe foundation, still attacking the regions on the coronavirus emergency. From Nino Cartabellotta other information that spreads terror and uncertainty. In the viewfinder, as reported in the Corriere della Sera, the number of swabs made: “Before the reopening of May 4 and June 3, the Regions made a low number of swabs“, this is the conclusion of the Gimbe Foundation. Cartabellotta explains:” We have evaluated the trend of total and diagnostic swabs performed since April 23, and examined the Regions’ aptitude for performing diagnostic swabs in the last two weeks. Looking at the period April 23-June 10, the trend of total swabs is clear in free diving in the last 2 weeks (overall -12.6%). The trend of diagnostic swabs collapsed by 20.7% in the vicinity of the reopening on May 4, and then went up and plunged again by 18.1% in view of the reopening of 3 June. In the last week there has been a slight rise (+ 4.6%). Regional trend diagnostic swabs. The overall increase of 4.6% (+9,431) in the week of 4-10 June, compared to the previous one, is not the result of homogeneous behavior throughout the national territory: in fact, while 12 Regions and Autonomous Provinces record an increase absolute number of diagnostic swabs, in the remaining 9 there is a further reduction “.

In short, less tampons – this is the assumption that is obtained – to paint a better situation than the real one. For the Gimbe foundation “these analyzes emerge three reasonable certainties: first of all, the number of diagnostic swabs, aimed at identifying new cases, has dropped dramatically on the eve of the country’s two reopenings on 4 May and 3 June; secondly, after the collapse in the week of May 28-June 3, thanks to the double holiday, in the last week just over half of the Regions have increased the number of diagnostic swabs compared to the previous one; finally, precisely the Regions with a virus circulation still sustained in the last week they further reduced the diagnostic swabs instead of empowering them. The testing activity – underlines Cartabellotta – aimed at identifying new cases, tracking contacts and isolating them continues to not be a priority for many regions: unfortunately, in the management of this phase of the epidemic, in particular where the spread of the virus does not seem to give respite, the 3T strategy is not adequate “, concludes the Gimbe foundation.

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